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September 28, 2023


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A letter in a knitted envelope landed in your mailbox. It’s an invitation to the Soft Festival with knitted muffins, crocheted trees, and even soft kittens!

⏰ This temporary adventure is available until October 4, 23:59 PDT.


• Get a Coin of Autumn for finishing the quests.


Explore the Soft Festival and continue your adventures in the Bunny Burrows.

❗️ Changes: different colors of the rewards, no order board, the second reward is given for clearing 35% of the land.


Find the Self-Knitting Armchair in your mail, and place it on your land. Travel to the Soft Festival to find Soft Coins and get beautiful rewards!

Follow the Adventurer Coin tasks to navigate around the land. Let the festival begin!

To explore, you’ll need Magic Threads from the Magic Balls of Yarn.


Go across the upper bridge from the starting area to meet with Piggy. Help him untangle the Tangles, and move to the next island.


On the middle island, you’ll find Teddy Bear. Get the Soft Flash from him, and use it to charge the camera. Move it to the Yarn Kitties, and catch a Photo Birdie after each shot.


She’s waiting for you on the island to the left. Get Knitted Magic from her. Find all the Empty Buckets and mix the Paints in them. Paint all the Colorless Trees with your favorite colors.


On the upper island, meet with Bunny. Get Knitted Interest and Edible Magic from her. Ask the Plush Guests what they would like to eat. Get Yarn Muffins from the Local Chefs and place them near the guests.


He’s playing on the last island. You’ll find Make a Garden Kit in the Garden Workshop. Find all the Puzzle Pieces under the Autumn Leaves. Solve Little Fox’s puzzle.

Now you should have all 5 Knit & Crochet Kits! Use them to upgrade the Yarn Masterpiece in the starting area. 

Want to get more rewards and finish the Self-Knitting Armchair? Enter the Portal to the Yarn Gardens!

Get Enchanted Essence from Magic Crystals and make Joy Magic. Complete tasks on the levels and open a Party Chests!

💕 Join your new yarn friends at the SOFT FESTIVAL! 💕

Self-Knitting Chair. Find it in your mail and upgrade it with Soft Coins. They are given for completing the Adventurer Coin tasks! This decoration generates gifts after you feed it some resources. Isn’t it lovely and so magical? ✨🥰

Self-Knitting Armchair | SOFT FESTIVAL | Knights and Brides

Yarn Masterpiece. A gorgeous clickable decoration for your estates! Rotate it to change its size. 😍

Do you like it?

Yarn Masterpiece | SOFT FESTIVAL | Knights and Brides

Build a little corner of softness and cuteness with some extra decorations! Those animals and trees are given for exploring the Yarn Gardens. 🌳

Animals generate gifts every 24 hours, 10 times in total. Trees are simple decorations.

Yarn Gardens | SOFT FESTIVAL | Knights and Brides