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Knights and Brides

August 3, 2023


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Phoebe the Ranger gathered all the Cutie-trolls of the Kingdom and trained them to live in the wild. Now our little friends are inviting you over to share this knowledge.

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until August 9, 23:59 PDT.


• Complete the quests to get a Coin of Summer. 


Galinix and Georgix invite you to Gailish Village once again! Finish the tasks in the Cutie-Scout Camp to get there.

❗️ Changes: different colors of the rewards.


Head to the Cutie-Scout Camp and talk to Phoebe the Ranger. Follow the Adventurer Coin tasks to explore the land!

Get some Wits from Field Kits and Sturdy Wood from Tough Trees. These resources will help you in this adventure! 


Every Cutie-Scout must know how to put up Tents. Turn right from the starting area to find the first task. Prepare the tents using Wits and get the first Scout Badge! Use it on the Cutie-Scout Statue to upgrade it!


If you choose to go straight from the starting area, you’ll find a Cutie-troll helping animals. Build Birdhouses and then find and disable the Bear Traps left by poachers.


Across the bridge, another scout is waiting for you. Help him find the lost dwarves and lead them back to the camp! 


Move up the stairs to meet another Cutie-troll. First, prepare a Campfire Spot and make a fire. Make some porridge in the Field Kitchen, fill the Cooking Pot with porridge. Move the pot to the fellow campers to feed them.


The last task here is to study the constellations! Ask the scout to make a Prism for you. You’ll need some Lazurite from Lazurite Deposits.

Set up the Telescopes and study the constellations! Now, you have enough badges to fully upgrade the Cutie-Scout Statue and take it home.

Go to the Dense Forest to continue the adventure. There, collect some Wild Berries and ask Phoebe to make Wild Magic. Get Cutie-Cookies for completing little tasks. 

Then send those cookies to the citizens of the Kingdom through the Order Board. You’ll get a Scout Badge after that! The more levels you complete, the better rewards you’ll get. 

Cute rewards for your estates!

1. Cutie-Scout Statue. Get Scout Badges for helping all Cutie-trolls and upgrade the statue! It generates gifts every 24 hours, 10 times in total.

Cutie-Scout Statue - Knights and Brides

2. Treehouse. This is a beautiful clickable decoration that you can get for completing all Adventurer Coin tasks. 😉

Treehouse - Knights and Brides

Collect Scout Badges in the Dense Forest to get a Zoo Coin! There are also additional rewards like chests and bombs for competing in the group rating, Scout Marathon.