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October 6, 2023


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We are sure that many mighty clans are here! Let us remind you of some basic things about clan activities. 👇

Joining a clan

◾️ Accept the invitation sent to you by a Clan Leader (level 10 is required);

◾️ Create your own Clan by inviting others once you have the Clan Tower. It can be purchased in the market.

◾️ Send your request to the existing clans directly in the game. You need to buy the Clan Tower for that. The Clan Leader will review your request and either accept or reject it.

🔍 NOTE: only a Clan Leader can invite or expel a member. A player can leave the Clan at any time. Only a Clan Leader can disband the Clan.


◾️ Only the Clan Leader can send invitations (choose a friend, then click on ‘Join Clan’).

◾️ A clan has a 10-member limit. +1 member when the clan reaches level 2 and level 4.

◾️ You can be a member of no more than 1 Clan at a time.

◾️ After a Clan Leader expels a member, the Clan, and the expelled member both get a 72-hour ban (can’t invite new members or join a new clan). If you have been expelled from a Clan you still can create your own Clan.

Clan City

◾️ This is a permanent land where clans can compete every day. You need to earn Honor points (not Clan Points) to earn better rewards and move to other leagues.

◾️ Honor points are given in the portals and for participating in different activities on the land. Some Honor points can now be found at the Autumn Tournament, a current temporary clan event.

◾️The league of the Clan Shop depends on how successful your clan is in Clan City.

🔍 More on Clan City here.

Clan Points

◾️ Use Clan Points in the Clan Shop. Your points in the Ratings will not change, but the Points in the Clan Shop menu will decrease.

◾️ After you leave a Clan, you can spend your points BEFORE you join a new one. You’ll lose your Points after you join a new Clan.

Earning Clan Points

◾️ Earn Clan Points in temporary clan lands. During the Autumn Tournament, you can get Clan Points in Clan City as well.

◾️ Take part in tops. Blitz comps don’t give Clan Points.

◾️ The reward is divided between Clan members according to their contribution determined by earned Points in the Ratings. Each member of the winning Clan gets a Cup! Expelled members don’t get rewards.