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October 26, 2023


You’re invited to the annual Halloween Ball! You need to help the Manager with the final preparations and then have spooky fun!

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until November 1, 23:59 PDT.


• Get a Coin of Autumn for finishing the quests.

• Get the third Spooky Pumpkin for the Festive Table.

• Exchange Sorcery collection items for fun gifts to send your friends!


Visit Witch Party for more fun! This land is available after completing the tasks at the Witch Ball.

Changes: new colors of the rewards.


Read the mail about the update and place the Dark Broom on your land. Find the Witch’s Talisman for it at the Witch Ball!

Let’s go there!

First, remove all Snakeroot that Marianne grew. Open the gate to the next area!

Gather some Sacrolite from Witch’s Flowers. Break Marianne’s spell on the decorations. Choose them to your liking! They will appear in the ball area.

It’s time to check on the cooks. Go through the gate, and pick some Gloomshrooms. Make the Moon Tear Potion, use it to break the spell on the Witch’s Prisoners.

Get Festive Recipes from a Chalice of Oblivion. Give them to the chefs. Choose party snacks for the ball!

Now, the guests won’t be hungry! But wait… Where are they? Marianne put a spell on them, too!

Break the spell on the Bewitched Guests. Choose how they will look at the party. Don’t forget to get rid of all Uninvited Guests.

Everything’s ready, the only thing left is to make the ball fun! Break the spell on the Pumpkins with a Surprise. Get a prediction from Nadine the All-Seeing. You can find this prediction in your storage and read it! By the way, it comes true only if you like it. 

Catch all Night Knights. Open the Portal with the Phantom Keys. Travel to the Spirits Abode where you can get some Mystical Powder. Make Pale Marshmallows in the Phantom Café, and use them to get rid of all Wandering Spirits.

Yay! Now, take the Light Broom home. 

Go to Witch Mountain to help Marianne with her party. Complete all tasks there to get the Witch’s Approval. Bring it to Marianne, and she’ll give you the Witch’s Talisman for the Dark Broom! 

But that’s not all! Make Sinister Potions in the Phantom Cafe, and use them in Marianne’s Cauldron. You’ll get Witch’s Spells, Witch’s Tokens and Sinister Coins. The more Witch’s Spells you collect, the better reward you’ll get, including a new transport, Flying Broom Ship!

Use Witch’s Tokens in the Halloween Wheel, and Sinister Coins in the Phantom Cafe to make some decorations.

Get the Light Broom after completing the main part of the land!

Light Broom | Knights and Brides

Look how pretty they look together! Get the Dark Brrom from the mail, and upgrade it with the Witch’s Talisman that you get after finishing the extra tasks on Witch Mountain.

Dark Brrom | Knights and Brides

Stunning Flying Broom Ship is a new transport that you can get for collecting the Witch’s Spells. Get them after using the Sinister Potion in Marianne’s Cauldron.

Sinister Potion is made with Mystical Powder that can be found in the Spirit’s Abode.

Stunning Flying Broom Ship | Knights and Brides