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Knights and Brides

September 7, 2023


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Rumors are spreading about a tiny, distant country whose inhabitants know nothing at all. Professor Purrkins is going to try and teach the locals.

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until September 13, 23:59 PDT.


•  Week 2 of Charming County. 

•  Complete the quests to get a Coin of Autumn.


Azure Coast is open again! Visit it after completing the quests in Ignorandia.

❗️ Changes: different colors of the rewards, both rewards are clickable, the second one is given for clearing 40% of the land.


In the mail, find the Tree of Knowledge. Place it on your land! This is a clickable decoration, and the gifts that it gives can be upgraded with Knowledge Coins. Travel to Ignorandia and complete Adventurer Coin tasks to get them! 

Talk to Professor Purrkins in Ignorandia. Pick the Bread of Ignorance from Breadfruit Trees. You’ll need it for the tasks!

Follow Adventurer Coin tasks to explore the land that consists of separate islands. Let’s go to the first one!


First, read the Rules of Ignorandia to get an idea of what we’re dealing with.

Here, you can meet Elixerix. He makes special Brainpower Brews and gifts! Pick Smart Berries from Smart Bushes and collect Great Ideas on all islands. Give them Elixirix in exchange for some useful goodies!


Supreme Engineer is pretty sure that elephants can fly. We need to find a way to convince him that they can’t! 

Give the Bread of Ignorance to the scared Baby Elephants. Find the Indisputable Evidence in the Books of Knowledge. Give the evidence to Supreme Engineer!

Pass the bridge to the right to meet Mama Bear.


Get some Honey from a Honey Puddle. Give Honey to Mama Bear in exchange for Carrot Seeds. Plant them in the Garden Beds.

Harvest all Carrots. Find and feed the Swift Bunnies.

From the middle island pass the bridge on the left side to meet the Mad Hatter.


Get some Time from Clockflowers. Get the Tea Time from the Mad Hatter. Repair the Ignorant Clock. Convince the Mad Hatter’s friends to return to the table.


On the last island, you will meet penguins. Turn on the generator and collect some Snow. Get an Ice Track fragment from the Penguin Architect. Place the Ice Tracks to the Ice House, so the Penguin Kid can return home.

Give the Penguins some Snow to cool off! Take your reward home.

Continue completing the Adventurer Coin tasks to get Knowledge Coins and upgrade the Tree of Knowledge!

These cute bunnies can become yours if you complete all the islands! This decoration generates gifts every 24 hours, 10 times in total. 🥰🐰 Do you like it?

Cute Bunnies | IGNORANDIA | Knights and Brides

The Tree of Knowledge is a beautiful clickable decoration! Upgrade it with Knowledge Coins to make the rewards it gives better. 📚🤓 What do you think?

Find screenshots of the gifts for other stages in the thread. 😉

Tree of Knowledge | IGNORANDIA | Knights and Brides

Gifts for all 5 stages!

Tree of Knowledge | IGNORANDIA | Knights and Brides