HOUSE OF HORRORS | Knights and Brides

October 19, 2023


🛒 20 – 22 October – Buy Rubies and get + 400% FREE 🔥

Colt Brothers are throwing a big monster party! It will be frightfully fun!

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until October 25, 23:59 PDT.


• Get a Coin of Autumn for finishing the quests.

• Get the second Spooky Pumpkin for the Festive Table.

• Exchange Sorcery collection items for fun gifts to send your friends!


Visit Witchgrove to help Agnes! This land is available after completing the tasks in the House of Horrors.

❗️ Changes: no gift in the mail, Mystery Grimoire is given for clearing 40% of the land, it’s a clickable decoration.


Travel to the land to meet with the Colt Brothers! 

Collect a lot of Ghostly Matter from Nasty Bushes. Put it in the Mystical Vessel to get some Fear Essence.

Get the Utter Monstrosity from the Colt Brothers. Use it on the Delightful Rose to get a little energy boost from the chest. 

Transform the Blooming Bushes using the Fear Essence. Break the Shackles of the Past. You’ll find some Blue Keys that open the gates to the areas with fun activities.

Behind the first four gates you’ll need to:

🧟‍♂️ Dig up all Zombies

🦇 Free the Vampires from the curse of the Magic Mirrors

💀 Help the Small Skeletons leave the Enchanted Coffins

🎃 Grow Magic Pumpkins and give them to Messrs. Scarecrows

You’ll find some Red Keys behind those gates. They are needed to open the next areas where you need to put Ghosts in the Abandoned Houses and prepare the Witch’s Cauldron, Crystal Ball, and Arcane Panel for the sabbath.

Behind the gate that needs two Red Keys you’ll meet the Important Call who’s having trouble with the connection. Descend into the Dark Cave. Use the Utter Monstrosity to finish all conversations and restore the connection by rotating the parts of the wires so they are not interrupted.

Ask Sir Deathless to check the connection, and give the Connection Certificate to the Important Call.

Get all Sinister Keys from the fun areas behind the gates, and open the main gate! Take your reward home, go to the R.I.P. Party in the House of Horrors.

Continue completing the Adventurer Coin tasks there, find a secret room with treasures, and get more rewards for clearing at the R.I.P. Party!

A perfect outfit for a Halloween party is waiting for you! Get it after opening the Main Gate. 👻🎃

Halloween party | Knights and Brides

Want to have Halloween parties all year round? Get this party house! It works like a scarlet flower and generates cool gifts. 👻

Get it after completing all Adventurer Coin tasks.

What do you think about it?

R.I.P. Party | Knights and Brides

Boo! This scary well will definitely spook your neighbors because it is haunted by the ghost of a lady… It appears after someone interacts with the well!

Get it for clearing 25% of the R.I.P. Party pocket land!

Scary Well | Knights and Brides