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November 3, 2023


🛒 3 – 5 November – Buy Rubies and get + 350% FREE 🔥

At an unusually low tide, a true natural treasury was discovered in the faraway lands. Come to the Golden Shores, where rivers flow with gold and nothing but gold!

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until November 6, 23:59 PDT.


• Get a Coin of Autumn for finishing the quests.


Come to the Wonder Islands and have fun with the Headless Horseman! This land is available after completing the tasks in the Golden Shores.

Changes: new colors of the rewards, no deco in the mail.


The Golden Carriage has been sent to you by mail! Place it on your land, and travel to the Golden Shores to get the Prospector Coin needed for its upgrade.

Let’s get some gold!


Collect Ropes, Boxes with Tools, and Boxes with Reagents. Obtain Prospectors’ Knowledge from the Prospectors’ Notes, get River Soil from River Rocks, and pan it in the Water Barrels.

Collect Gold Nuggets from the barrels, and add them to the Gold Fund. 


Get the Essence of Magic from Enchanted Crystals. Use it to create Prospectors’ Magic at the Workstation. Fix all Panning Devices and hire the idle Workers. Collect Gold Nuggets from the devices and add them to the Gold Fund.


Catch all the Flying Toolboxes. Train all the Shpecialists and send them to maintain the Panning Station.

🔍 If you make a mistake while training the Shpecialists, it will take longer for them to learn, and you’ll get fewer gifts from them.


Make Railway Tracks at the Workstation. Get rid of all the obstacles on the tracks. Build a railway from the Dwarven Train to the Gold Mining Factory. Click on the train to check!

Now, take the White Gold Stallion home. Continue completing the Adventurer Coin tasks to get the Prospector Coin for the Golden Carriage.


Come back every day to get Gold Nuggets from your mines. Add them to the Gold Fund, and get better gifts from it daily!

White Gold Stallion. Generates gifts every 24 hours, 10 times in total. Get it after completing the quests! 🐎✨ Do you like it?

White Gold Stallion | Knights and Brides

Golden Carriage. A beautiful clickable reward! Get it after completing all Adventurer Coin tasks. 😍

Golden Carriage | Knights and Brides