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July 9, 2023


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The ancient Clan City was discovered in the south! Restore it with your allies to bring its glory back.

📣 This is a permanent land available only to clan members who are above level 15. Check this guide to help you get started!


Restore all buildings on the land, get Honor Points, and compete with other clans in the tournaments.


McManus will tell you about them. Collect Honor Points to make progress.

Insider Tournament. Here, you compete with other members of your clan. This is a weekly challenge. The winner of the previous week is shown in the top part of the window.

Global Tournament. Compete with other clans and get to the highest league. Only the top clans move up to the next league, and the clans that get the least points move down to the previous one. Everyone starts in the Bronze League, and it’s impossible to get lower than it.


Get it for exploring dungeons, completing orders and tasks from the Merchant Dwarf and Task Board.


This is where all resources contributed by your clan are kept. Everyone can use what’s inside! How to bring resources:

1️⃣ Use your Airship.

2️⃣ When your clan reaches level 3, you will be able to contribute resources directly from your Home Storage without using the Airship and wasting fuel.

🔍 Once you place your resources inside the clan storage, you can’t take them back.


There are 3 portals, Purple, Sienna, and Mint. There you can get special resources needed for upgrading buildings.

Portals need Charges to work. You can charge a portal with a special coin that you can get for upgrading buildings. Also, you a free charge every day. Everyone in the clan can use those charges to go to the dungeons.

When you open a dungeon, you have 30 minutes to explore it. All the resources that you get there will automatically transfer to the clan storage after the dungeon closes. You can close it yourself, too, just click on the red X button in the portal window.

In the dungeons, you can also get Vigor Tonis. They are used in the Tavern where you can receive extra rewards.


This is where you can make special crafts. The crafts queue is common for all members. It means that if one player fills the queue, other players will not be able to add more crafts. When the crafts are finished, all clan members can take them. Crafted items go to the clan storage.


Complete orders for him and get rewards. The orders reset every 24 hours. Any member of the clan can complete orders if there are enough resources in the clan storage.


Here each member can choose a task and complete it. They reset every week.

After one player ‘reserves’ a task for himself, other clan members can’t complete it. The chosen task appears in the ‘Clan’ tab of the Quest Book. It should be completed before the board resets.