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Knights and Brides

August 16, 2023


There are many myths and legends surrounding the Supreme Magicians. 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️
And as their birthday approaches, George decided to write a story that would tell more about them. 😉

Once upon a time, long before the Kingdom was founded, a group of gallant knights were exploring a mysterious place called ‘the Web’ when they found a game. Playing it was fun! But something wasn’t right…
It was missing some ‘sparkle’. And the knights embarked on a journey of creativity, to make something way better.

Time flowed, revealing their true calling: to craft not just a game, but a legacy. This purpose united them, and it was time for them to step into the light. And from this time they are known as VIZOR. As time passed, many more knights and ladies joined them on their creative voyage.

Their first magical creation that graced the realm of the ‘the Web’ was a story of a little zombie who lived on Zombie Island and dreamed of becoming human.

And a simple road leading to a damaged bridge on Zombie Island is where Klondike: The Lost Expedition emerged. It’s a tale of a devoted person searching for their father for no fewer than 10 years!

Shortly following the creation of Klondike, the Kingdom of Knights and Brides was established. And after that, the magicians started exploring a new world of the so-called ‘mobile phones’…”

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