Countess Bitecula | Charm Farm |

October 25, 2023

🧛‍♀️ Countess Bitecula 🧛‍♀️

Where does our story stop? The Tricky Violinist, the frontman of the famous “Gloomy Troupe” finally reached the Magic Forest. Although he lost all the musicians on the way, he was in a cheerful mood and asked who invited him to the party?

Shmoo was surprised! After all, for them the arrival of musicians was a surprise. Shmoos sat around the fire and began to wonder who it could be. At that time a purple mist covered the forest land, and their old acquaintance Count Shmookula appeared in front of them! And the Count revealed that he was planning not only to hold the holiday, but also to find his bride, who had disappeared several years ago.

Countess Bitecula was a vampire of unprecedented beauty. Her eyes were darker than the darkest night and her curls were blacker than a raven’s wing. It was love at very first sight. Moonlit walks among stone tombstones, tastings of lingonberry morsels, discussions about eternal life: the lovers spent all their time together!

One day Count Shmookula organized a magnificent ball for the Children of the Night. But he made a fatal mistake and invited the dark sorcerer Van-Hels to the party. He envied the Count and Countess with dark envy. He was so enraptured by Bitecula’s beauty that he decided to kidnap her and make her fall in love with him.
That tragic night Count Shmookula saw his bride for the last time. The evil sorcerer put the guests to sleep. When everyone woke up, neither the bride nor the sorcerer was anywhere to be seen.

The Count was wandering all over the world looking for his bride. To this day, our Count spent nights scrolling through those terrible lines of the sorcerer: “The mystery remains unsolved until you hear the somber waltz that sounds”.

Enchanters, do you think the music will help us find the Count’s bride? And will the shmoos be able to solve the evil sorcerer’s terrible riddle?