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November 10, 2023

Stop Race

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Stop Race! The race is almost over, and the adventure is coming to an end as well. That means it’s time to find out about the changes that will take place after the timer ends.

November 9.

  • Quests will automatically end.
  • Competitions will end and competition rewards will be awarded.
  • You will be able to pick up your personal score awards until November 16, 4 a.m. EST/ 10 a.m. CET.

Stop dropping off:

  • Biting Weeds from Mana Sources;
  • Night Herald from Shops;
  • Mysterious Summoning from Forge and No One’s Forge;
  • Magic Key from Bushes, Weeds, and Mushrooms;
  • Musician Transformation from the Swamp;
  • Trio Transformation from the Weird Shops;
  • Spooky will only give Mana to the harvest;
  • Sneaky Naka will feed for Agaric Mushrooms and Mana. Will only bring experience for feeding, sell for Gold.

November 16.

  • Recipes in the Wonder Workshop will close;
  • The ability to purchase decor in the store will close;
  • The ability to pick up rewards for competitions will close;
  • Winner Points will no longer drop.

🐾 Animals, Flying Pets, and Plants:

  • Biting Weeds will stop bringing Predatory Bouquet, only Mana will remain;
  • Night Herald – will stop giving Sweet Treats for feeding. The Night Herald will feed on Vine and Mana, give experience for food, and gold for selling;;
  • Bone Dragon will stop giving Dragon Jewelry Box for feeding. The Dragon will feed for Mana, and will give itself for sale. The Dragon can be sold at the Market for Gold while it is in the Inventory, or it can be placed in a Dragon Pen and grown further. The Dragon will give experience for feeding;
  • Batsy will only give Exp and Gold for collecting income;
  • Holiday Pumpkin will bring Experience and Gold for collecting income.

🏫 Objects and Buildings:

  • Gloomy Troupe – will launch for Mana and Gold, for production will produce Gold and Experience;
  • Vampires’ Coven will not be possible to complete or improve after the adventure timer expires. Sales at all levels will be enabled. Those enchanters who have time to upgrade the building to the last level will receive the Vampires’ Coven quest. Production will only be at the last level and will be triggered for Mana and Gold. The reward for production is 1 random flying object with useful resources.
  • Mysterious Jewelry Box, Ghost Musician, Ghost Trio, Sleeping Brew, HSpooky Monster, Evil Sorcerer – will disappear from the lands.


  • Musician Transformation, Trio Transformation, Mysterious Summoning, Sleepy Summoning, Spooky Summoning, Ghost Wand, Pale Candle, Bone Key will disappear from the inventory.

The remaining resources can be sold on the market.

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