Forgotten Cemetery | Charm Farm |

November 1, 2023

👻 Forgotten Cemetery 👻

The additional quest line for the powerful enchanters is about to begin! The insidious Gwonks are plotting mischief in the Forgotten Cemetery, which means shmoos will head into the portal to prevent them!

👻 The adventure will begin on November 1 at 8:00 EST/ 13:00 CET time and last until November 6. It will be available for players level 35+ who have already completed the quest “Assemble! 4/7”.

Spooky is a plant. It can be purchased in the Trading Tower for Vampire’s Coins. It harvests Bogeyman as a crop.

Bogeyman is a crop of Spooky. It is needed to create and feed the Sneaky Naka.

The Sneaky Naka is a terrifyingly cute animal. Can be created in the Adventurous Revel. It has 8 levels and feeds on Bogeyman. Gives a Ghost Wand for feeding (randomly), and Vampire’s Coins for selling.
Ghost Wand can be obtained for feeding the Sneaky Naka. You will need it to enter the Forgotten Cemetery and perform various actions in the portal lands.

👻 Forgotten Cemetery is a portal location. It requires 30 Ghost Wands and 4 free shmoo to enter it.

Dark Ghost, Light Ghost. Use the Ghost Wand to play with Ghosts and get the Pale Candle.
Ghost King. Use the Ghost Wand to get the Pale Candle.
You will need the Pale Candle to interact with the Haunted House and the Pumpkin Grave.
The Haunted House is a scary building. Use the Pale Candle to get the Bone Key.

You’ll need the Bone Key to interact with the Pumpkin Grave and open the Skull Chest.
Pumpkin Grave. Use the Pale Candle, Predatory Bouquet, and Magic Dust to get the Vampire’s Coin.
Flower Grav. Use the Bone Key, Spell Book and Frog to get Vampire Coins.

Skull Chest. Use the Bone Key, Captivating Melody and Carpenter’s Kit to get lots of Vampire’s Coin.

👻 Let’s work together to stop the gwonks from putting their devious plans into action!