Count Shmookula | Charm Farm

October 27, 2023

🧛‍♂️ Count Shmookula 🧛‍♂️

How will our story continue? Count Shmookula arrived in the Magic Forest, but not alone, but with his triplet sisters. They looked like three peas in a pod, and only by the roses on their cloaks could they be distinguished.

Shmoos happily welcomed the new guests. The Count’s sisters started a friendly argument and, turning into bats, began to find out which of them was faster. Shmoo watched them with admiration – how gracefully they cut through the air, how quickly they gained height! Shmoos were so impressed that they decided to take part in their race themselves!

But they did not forget about the missing musicians. The work progressed, the musicians, gathering in the land, rehearsed their songs, the sisters soared in the heights. Everything was going as usual, when suddenly Shmoorgana appeared from behind the edge of the forest.
Concerned, she told shmoos what she had seen on the way here: the fog that covered the clearing seemed familiar to her, and so she rushed as fast as she could to warn shmoos. And in the fog she saw the evil sorcerer Van Hels.

Shmoos calmed her down, fed her delicious cookies and gave her hot tea. And they began to think about how to defeat the evil sorcerer and find Count Shmookula’s bride.

When the forest became foggy again, Shmoos were ready to meet them. Van Hels was surprised, but threatened Shmoos that he would not allow them to gain the upper hand: “I have a score to settle with Count Shmookula. If you want to keep your fur as fluffy, it’s better to stay away!”

But brave Shmoos do not abandon their friends in trouble! They gathered their strength, called on strong magic for help and fought back the sorcerer.

And when the evil spell dissipated, the last musician appeared in the land, music began to sound, fun flowed, and Count Shmookula, listening to the melody, felt where to look for his beloved. He thanked shmoos and the musicians and went in search.

His sisters decided to stay in the Magic Forest and continued to fly over the land, finding out which of them was the fastest.

What do you think, enchanters, will Count Shmookula be able to find his bride? Will they meet after so many years of separation?