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August 3, 2023

🌟 Big Holiday 10 Years! 🌟

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Shmu is heading to a seaside resort for vacation! There, the little ones decide to organize a grand celebration and kick off the preparations!
Enchanters, the adventure “Big Holiday” will start on August 3rd and last until August 18th, accessible to all players at level 25 and above.

The adventure Big Holiday consists of two parts. In the first part, you’ll have to complete quests: Sweet Mana (7 tasks), Ice Cream Frenzy (5 tasks), Mana Cake I (3 tasks), and Mana Cake II (3 tasks).

Big Holiday – Mana Cake is the main adventure building, consisting of 7 levels. After upgrading the Cake to level 3, it will start awarding “Cake Slice” as a reward for production. Starting from the third level, the Cake will expand the Mana limit: Level 3 +100, Level 4 +200, Level 5 +300, Level 6 +400, Level 7 +500 units. In the first part of the adventure, the Cake can only be upgraded to level 4.

Sea Coin is a special currency that can be used for purchases in the Trading Tower. You can earn Coins by completing quests, upgrading adventure buildings, as well as by removing Air Balloons and collecting income from them during flight and from the Ice Cream Cart.

Big Holiday:

  • Visiting the Cauldron – a spell obtained when collecting income from Cousin and Nobody’s Cousin. When applied to Mushrooms, you get a Cauldron with Magic;
  • Cauldron with Magic – a magical object. As a reward for cleaning, you can get a Jar of Magic;
  • Jar of Magic – needed to create Chocolate Crumbs and upgrade the Mana Cake;
  • Chocolate Crumb – can be obtained by clearing Stones from the glade (with a chance). Needed to create Chocolate Flyswatter, upgrade and start the production of the Mana Cake;
  • Cake Slice – obtained from the Mana Cake. Needed to create Ice Cream Cone;
  • Luxurious Flower – can be obtained when collecting income from Mana Springs (with a chance). The flower brings a harvest – Sweet Syrup. Syrup is required for feeding Chocolate Flyswatter, creating Ice Cream Summon, and upgrading the Mana Cake.
  • Chocolate Flyswatter – a cute pet. You can create it in the Wonderful Workshop (Jar of Magic + Chocolate Crumb + Flyswatter). Flyswatter has 10 levels, is fed Sweet Syrup, and when sold, provides Milkshake. After starting the quest “Sweet Mana 7/7,” feeding gives a Cone (with a chance);
  • Milkshake – a delicious treat. You can get it by selling Chocolate Flyswatter. Needed for creating Ice Cream Summon and upgrading the Mana Cake;
  • Cone – can be obtained by feeding Chocolate Flyswatter with a chance after starting the quest Sweet Mana 7/7. Needed to create Ice Cream Cone;
  • Ice Cream Cone – created in the Wonderful Workshop (Cone + Cake Slice + Grapevine). Needed for clearing the Ice Cream Cart and upgrading the Mana Cake;
  • Ice Cream Summon – a spell. You can create it in the Wonderful Workshop (Milkshake + Sweet Syrup + Magic Dust). When applied to the glade, you get the Ice Cream Cart.
  • Ice Cream Cart – an object on the glade. It has 2 stages. Use Ice Cream Cone (1st stage) and Mana (2nd stage) to obtain Sea Coins;
  • Ice Cream Ball Summons I, II – can be obtained as a reward for completing tasks. When applied to the glade, you get Air Balloons of levels 3 and 2, respectively;
  • Air Balloons – obtained by applying the Ice Cream Ball Summon on the glade. Clearing Balloons can earn you Sea Coins, and for full clearing, you get Coins and Flying Air Balloons (flying creature).
  • Flying Air Balloons – festive balloons that fly over the glade. You can get them by clearing the last stage of Air Balloons. It lives for 2 hours and gives Sea Coins as a reward every 14 minutes.
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