Charm Farm Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Charm Farm

July 17, 2023

Charm Farm Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) How do I Obtain Spells?
A) Click on the Tower of Magic and begin production

Q) How do I use the Spell to Enchant?
A) Open Inventory > “Spells” tab > Click “Use” on the desired spell and then Click the building, item or Shmoo you wish to Enchant

Q) What are the benefits of using Spells?
A) Spells lower the production time and increase profits when cast on Buildings, for example: Quarry enchanted will give 2 Clay instead of 1! Enchanting also gives Experience, Magic XP (Witch Hats) and randomly drops parts of the ‘Magic Wand’ Collection and other useful items.

*Tip: Casting Spells is the only way to get Rope without spending Rubies. The Rope drops randomly from the Spell itself so it does not matter what you enchant.

Q) Charm Farm – How do I send Gifts to my Neighbors?
A) Click on a Neighbors portrait on the Neighbor Bar at the bottom of your game window, choose the “Gift” option, select a gift from either the “Free Gifts” tab or the “Ruby Gifts” tab and send.

*Note: You may only send (1) Gift OR Request (1) Item per Neighbor each day.

Q) How do I sell Pigfly, Bully or other Animals?
A) You can only sell Animals that are fully grown. Click the “Actions” button shaped like a hand and choose the $ sign, then click on the animal you wish to sell.

Q) I have 200 Mana and need 300, what should I do?
A) You need to build Crystal of Concentration or Druse of Concentration. They are found in the “Structures” tab of the Store. You can build as many of each as you like. They must remain on your land to benefit your mana level. If you place them in storage or sell them, your mana capacity will decrease.

Q) How do I get the special 30 Ruby Bonus?
A) Once you reach Level 10 and invite 3 new Neighbors, you will be given the option to claim a 30 Ruby reward at the very bottom of the “Daily Gift” window that pops up after you reload the game at reset. This is a one time only bonus.

Q) Charm Farm – What is Magic Experience?
A) Magic Experience provides you with access to certain Houses, building upgrades and is necessary to purchase land expansions.

Q) How do I increase my Magic Level?
A) You can increase your Magic Experience and Level by casting Spells, collecting from Llamalas, Birds of Happiness and some other special animals on your land or at Neighbors and also some special buildings, like the Shaman Bonfire or Tower of Magic.

Q) How do I get “Leather?”
A) Leather can drop randomly from any level or type of Animal.

Q) How can I get Rope?
A) Rope drops randomly from casting spells on any building, item or Shmoo.

Q) How do I get Quarters to write on my Bulletin Board?
A) Quarters can drop randomly from any action you perform on your land

Q) Where can I find a Voodoo Doll?
A) The Voodoo Doll drops randomly from any type of Ruins

Q) How can I get a Dragon?
A) In order to begin the “Time for Dragons” quest line, you need to reach L16 and complete the quest: Expansion 2

Q) Charm Farm – How do I get a Dragon Pen?
A) You can purchase Dragon Pens with Rubies in the Store > and purchase a “Fireproof Pen with Good Deed Tokens in the Trading Tower

Q) Charm Farm – How do I make Dragon food?
A) To feed your Dragons you will need to craft Trovants in your Greenhouse, plant them from inventory and harvest them for Dragon Treats. You can also ask Neighbors to feed them for you, to save on materials.

Q) Charm Farm – How do I get Kaya’s Gems?
A) Kaya’s Gems are given several ways: as a reward for trading in the “Dragon” Collection. The Dragon collection pieces drop randomly when your Dragons are fed. You can also get Kaya’s Gems from packages, boxes, Jewelry Box (crafted in the Wonder Workshop) and as quest rewards.

Q) Charm Farm – What is the difference in Spell levels?
A) Spells crafted in the Tower of Magic grow in power with each level upgrade.

Level | Duration | Profit increase and Timer reduction %
L1 – 2m / 10%
L2 – 4m / 12%
L3 – 8m / 14%
L4 – 16m / 16%
L5 – 24m / 18%
L6 – 48m / 20%
L7 – 96m / 24%
L8 – 60m / 30%

Season Spells:
Winter, Autumn, Summer = 10m / 20%
Spring = 3m / 10%

*Tip: Short duration spells are good to use for quests that require enchanting Shmoos, so they can get back on task faster!

Q) Charm Farm – What items can be found in the Jewelry Box crafted in the Wonder Workshop?
A) Magic dust, Saw, Hammer, Shovel, nNails, Nectar, Grapevines, Seeds, Agaric mushroom, Frog, Bones, Clay, Spells, Premium energy, Magic Watering Cans, Rubies, Pigfly, Bully, Passion Flower, Bella Donna, Llamala.

Q) Charm Farm – What items can be found in Packages?
A) Coins, Experience, Mana, Wood, Stone, Magic Dust, Saw, Hammer, Shovel, Nails, Grapevines, Seeds, Agaric Mushrooms, Frogs, Bones, Clay, Premium Energy, Magic Watering Cans, Rubies, Magic XP, Kaya’s Gems

Q) Charm Farm – What items can be found in Boxes?
A) Coins, Experience, Wood, Stone, Magic Dust, Clay, Stone Fence, Wooden Fence, Green Hedges, Flower Hedge, White Fences, Spells, Dragon Treats, Premium Energy, Magic Watering Cans, Rubies, Magic XP.

Q) Charm Farm – What items can be found in Friendly Gifts?
A) Seasonal Spells, Kaya’s Gems, Magic Dust, Saw, Hammer, Shovel, Nails, Grapevines, Seeds, Bones, Ink, Paint, Frogs, Magic Beans, Passion Flower, Big-Eared Buns, Rubies, Box, Jewelry Box, Llamala.

Q) What should I do if the game keeps giving me an error popup asking me to reload?
A) Taking a Log of your game will help us to diagnose issues with your game. This is easy to do! But please take the log before reloading, while the error window is still showing or we will not receive the necessary data.

1) Click anywhere on the game screen and type: waw
2) A small black Utility Window will appear in the upper left corner of the game window
3) Hold the ALT key on your keyboard and click the “Sv” button in the top right of the black Utility Window
4) This will open a window where you can save the log file on your PC
5) Send the log file to Support or PM it to one of the Community Helpers

Q) How can I request items I need, like Magic Dust or Grapevines?
A) Many items can be requested from recipes in the Laboratory or Wonder Workshop. For example: If you run low on Grapevines, open the Lab window, look for a recipe that uses Magic Dust, like Poison and if you have fewer than the 5 Magic Dust that recipe asks for, you will have the option to request it from Neighbors.

Q) Charm Farm – How do I get Nectar?
A) Nectar is a random drop from harvesting crops. The more you harvest, the better chance at getting Nectar, so plant Sundew or Magic Beans. Also unwithering crops on your land or at Neighbors.

Q) Charm Farm – Why are Timed Quests so hard?
A) The first few parts of a Timed Quest are easy enough for our newest players to achieve the special building or animal. As you progress further into the quest lines they become more challenging so that all levels and types of players can enjoy the quests. You will find the quests less challenging as you gain levels and your farm becomes more established.

Q) A Neighbor visited me but I did not see them on my land.
A) The game resets each day at 5pm EDT. This means any visitors you hadn’t allowed yet, will no longer be valid until their next visit. You will also be able to send out requests, gifts and visits your Neighbors once again.

Q) Charm Farm – How do I open a new land expansion?
A) Expansions are opened based on your Magic Level, not Experience Level. You need both the correct Magic Level and either Coins or Rubies to open each new land parcel.

Q) I planted crops but they weren’t there when I came back to the game!
A) You must wait for your game to save before you exit or the last actions you perform in your game will not save. Check the option button that resembles a floppy disk, it will fill up yellow and say “Progress Saved” when you hover your cursor over it.

Q) I can’t find any weeds or mushrooms on my land!
A) Click the “Action” button that looks like a hand, then choose “Hide Buildings” button to hide all the buildings. Click it again to “Unhide” buildings.

Random Tips:
*Natural Resources like Trees, Weeds etc can respawn every 45 mins, you need to reload your game to see what new regrowth you might have.
*You should check the App page each day to find important game information and take part in contests!
*Joining an active group is a great way to get helpful Neighbors.