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Knights and Brides

September 21, 2023


King Victor’s favorite cat has gone missing! The monarch is desperate. Everyone in the Kingdom has the orders to look for his pet.

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until September 27, 23:59 PDT.


• Complete the quests to get a Coin of Autumn. 


Complete the tasks on Cat Island and travel to LETTERVILLE.

❗️ Changes: new clearing rewards, different colors of the rewards, no crafting decorations from the Royal Architect (except for 3 parts of the postcard decoration), the Merchant’s decorations have remained the same, sulfur and iron added to geology (instead of marble and silver).


Primus was last seen on Cat Island, so that’s where we are going! Place His Feline Majesty’s portrait on your land from the mail, and you’re ready for adventure. 

The royal cat has a big plan, and you need to help him. 😺

🔍 In this land, remove Cat Mineral deposits to get Feline Crystals! These are rare materials that you can give to the Jeweler Cat in exchange for energy and useful resources.

🐾 Pick some Catnip from Сatnip Plants. It’ll come in handy in restoring the empty reservoirs.

🐾 Meet with Honey Cat. She’s sad, and we need to cheer her up. Give Catnip Candies, that Honey Cat makes, to the Fluffy Cats. They will allow you to pet them and get Energy Charges. Turn on all the Disco Lamps.

🐾 Move to the next area. The cats on the island don’t have any cozy beds. Get some Warm Yarn from Soft Yarn Balls. Use it to choose suitable beds for the Lazy Cats.

🐾 Then, ask Vizzy the Cat to make some Favorite Toys. Give them to the Playful Kittens.

🐾 The next task is given by Rita the Panther. Get Cat Wisdom from her. Use it to catch the Bats and help the Sage Cats remember the Cat Laws.

🐾 Talk to the Tiger. Ask him to make Cat Purrs. Use them to save the Guardians of Cat Island from the Night Terrors.

Ask the Cat Lovers to awaken the Guardians of Cat Island. Activate the Cat Statues and rotate them towards the Striped Cat. Now, you can take your reward home! 😸

Continue completing the Adventurer Coin tasks to get the Cat Coin that is needed to upgrade His Feline Majesty’s portrait. 😻

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