LOYALTY ISLANDS | Knights and Brides

November 23, 2023


In our Kingdom, loyalty is the most treasured thing. There are many different ways to show it, and you’ll learn about them in this festive adventure!

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until November 29, 23:59 PST.


• Get the last Coin of Autumn in this update.

• Check the discounts in the Discount Calendar!


Citizens of the Far Faraway lands welcome you! Travel there after finishing the Loyalty Islands.

Changes: no Horizon Tower, new clearing rewards.


Check your mail for the Fairytale Castle! It’s a clickable decoration that can be upgraded with the Royal Coins.

🔍 By the way, there’s another surprise waiting for you in one of the letters. 😉

When you get to the Loyalty Islands, first of all, get some Loyalty from the Loyalty Flowers. Use it to repair the Bridges and complete tasks on the islands.

👨‍👩‍👧 FAMILY

Ask Aunt Mary to make a Family Pie. Restore the Festive Tables and place the Family Pies on them. Now, you can open the Loyalty Chest and upgrade the Loyal Swans in the starting area.

🔍 You can find Birthday Cards in the Loyalty Chests as well. Send them to your friends to celebrate K&B’s birthday and get gifts back!


Get Loyalty Kits from Sir Brave. Use them to find all Rare Treasures at the Dig Sites. Give them to the Knights. 


Get Friendship Magic from George. Use it to revive all the WIlted Flowers and repair the Fountains. 


Get a Detective Novel from Georgette. Find and catch Georgette’s Diaries. Put the evidence in the places marked with crosses. Unpack the Boxes, then recreate the place where Georgette and Detective Muffin first met (click on Georgette’s Diary to check the result).

Now, you can fully upgrade the Loyal Swans and take them home! 

Go to the Loyalty Citadel and complete the Adventurer Coin tasks there to get the Royal Coins for the Fairytale Castle. 

After the Adventurer Coin tasks in the Loyalty Citadel are done, the portal to the Festive Islands will open. There, you need to use Supreme Magic from Aurora the Fairy to complete tasks and open Festive Chests. There’s one chest on one level, each chest gives a Festive Coin and a Birthday Card. 

Collect 6 Festive Coins to get the Royal Portal. It leads to the Royal Domain where you can collect gifts every day!

Loyal Swans. A sweet couple that totally knows what loyalty is! Get them after completing the quests. 🦢❤️

Loyal Swans | Knights and Brides

Fairytale Castle. Right from a fantasy book! It’s a clickable, and you can improve the rewards it gives by upgrading the building with the Royal Coins. Get them in the Loyalty Citadel for completing the Adventurer Coin tasks!

By the way, you can rotate the castle to make it smaller. 🏰

Fairytale Castle | Knights and Brides

Royal Portal that leads to the Royal Domain. There, you can collect gifts every day! Get it after finishing 6 levels of the festive Islands. They open after you complete the Adventurer Coin tasks in the Loyalty Citadel. 🎁

Royal Portal | Knights and Brides