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October 5, 2023


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McManus wants you to urgently come to the Elemental Islands where you can study the four schools of magic and defeat 

⏰ This temporary adventure is available until October 11, 23:59 PDT.


• Get a Coin of Autumn for finishing the quests.

• Now changing the name for the first time is free!

• Prove your clan to be the best in the Autumn Tournament! The guide will be posted later.


Find the Keeper of the Elements in the mail and place it on your land. Travel to the Elemental Islands to learn magic and save the Kingdom from the vicious Necromancer. 

In this land, follow the Adventurer Coin tasks. Get Primal Magic from Flawless Flowers, you’ll need it during the adventure.


Go to the left to learn the magic of water. Upgrade the Well of Life and create the Power of Water there. Use it to cleanse the fountains, and fill the Clean Ponds and the Blooming Waterfall with water.

Clear away the Impassable Rubble to release the water. Activate the Flow Obelisks and get the first Elemental Seal!


Pass the bridge to the island at the bottom. Create the Power of Fire and summon the Wise Phoenix. Collect Phoenix Feathers from the Flaming Bushes. Make offerings at the Dragon Altars and light them up.

Take the Power of the Dragon from the chest and wake Azalea up.


Across the upper bridge, you’ll find the island of Air Magic. Create the Power of Air and restore the Wind’s Messenger statues. Catch the four winds, then restore the Ethereal Towers. Place them correctly around the Cloud Temple to restore it.


On the island to the right, you need to upgrade the Nature Sanctuary. There, create the Power of Earth and use it to smash the Meteorites. Get Small Stars out of the craters. 

Make the Star Map visible and place the Small Stars correctly. Activate the Stone Tablet and take the Star Elixir. Restore the Tree of Harmony.

Upgrade the Elemental Altar with Elemental Seals, and create the Power of the Elements.

🦇 DARK TOWER – Elemental Islands

Enter the Portal to the Dark Tower. Free the Adventuress. Get rid of the Scarecrow and the Gatekeeper.

Summon the four winds to get rid of the Keeper of the Key. Get the Dark Tower Key from the Otherworldly Chest and save the people!

Continue completing the Adventurer Coin tasks to get the Symbols of Magic needed to upgrade the Keeper of the Elements!

Magnificant Elemental Altar will become yours after saving the citizens from the Dark Tower! 😍

Rotate it to change its looks. What do you think? 😉

Elemental Altar | Knights and Brides

The Keeper of the Elements is gorgeous! In her hand, she can hold all 4 kinds of magic. Rotate her to change the element!

You get it from the mail and upgrade it with the Symbols of Magic that are given for completing the Adventurer Coin tasks.

Keeper of the Elements | Knights and Brides