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September 28, 2023


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Help Levasseur open a new museum and explore the ruins of an ancient underwater town!
⌛ Warmshore is a temporary location next to your home station that will close on October 11, 23:59 PDT.

Please follow the QUESTS and the INSTRUCTION, they will guide you.

👇 And read our HINTS before setting out for the location  👇

💡 The land has 3 levels: Warmshore, Warmshore Museum, and Flooded Ruins.

Each level has 1 major goal:

– Repair Beach Showers and Deckchairs

– Chase away the Museum Mice

– Open the Chests from the Depth


Want to explore the underwater town? Then we need a map! There’re 3 Divers in the location, each with 4 map fragments. To get map fragments, you can either pay or flip a coin for luck.

🍀 You can pay 20,000 Сoins if you choose to pay at once. If you try to flip a coin, it will cost either 0 or 30,000 coins, depending on whether you guess.


To get relics from the locals, you need to treat each of them to a Sweet Drink. Sweet Drink is made in a Cozy Cafe from Coconuts and Ripe Lemons found in the location.


Collect crystals in Flooded Ruins, attach them to the mechanisms and arrange the colors on them so that they match the clue on the stone obelisk. After that, push the lever to open the gate.


Make Sand Capsules in the Bathyscaphe (storage building) to drive away Blowfish in the Flooded Ruins.


Complete the storyline and get an Underwater Exhibit ROULETTE!

Clearing rewards:

🦀 Warmshore

70% – Roulette Manager Engine and dynamite!

100% – Beach Shower multibox and dynamite!

🏛 Warmshore Museum

Clear 100% of the land and get a Display Case with useful crafts inside!

🐡 Flooded Ruins

Clear 70% of the land and get BLOWFISH! It gives rewards for 20 Worms, 5 times, and leaves a decoration.

100% – a beautiful HARP multibox!

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