FAQ: ANCIENT TOTEM | Klondike | Mygameset


The Ancient Totem is a unique item. It collects all your resources on a land. You can get it for completing all quests in HERRA.

To start collecting resources, place the Totem on the territory of the location so that the resources are within the radius of its action. Click on the Totem and select the action you need.

👉 Start collecting resources: this function allows you to collect resources from the land. All resources are collected, regardless of their weight until the sled is full.

👉 Move: This function allows you to move the Totem in the location.

👉 Upgrade: This function allows you to improve your Totem, increasing the radius of its action. This requires the RUNES received for clearing 100% of Herra and Sanderra (they go to your Home Storage).
💡 Runes can not be transported. You can only upgrade the Totem at your home station.

👉 Move the Totem to Storage: this function places the Totem into storage. It can be transported to any location or home station. At your station you can find the Totem in Storage/Other tab.
💡 The totem can be used in any locations, including temporary lands. It can not be used in Railway lands.

❗️ The Totem must be manually unloaded from artifacts on the sled.

❗️❗️ Did you know that the Totem can’t be lost? If you forget to bring the Totem home from a temporary location before it closes it will automatically return to home storage.

❓ Klondikers, do you use the Ancient Totem? Have you ever forgotten where you left it? 😄