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April 18, 2024


πŸ›’ 19 – 21 April – Buy Rubies and get + 350% FREE πŸ”₯

Lili The Herbalist Has Decided To Fulfill Her Lifelong Dream: She Wants To Start A Real Book Club!

⏰ This Is A Temporary Adventure, Available Until April 24, 23:59 Pdt.

πŸ“£ News

  • Complete The Quests To Get A Coin Of Spring.

πŸ” Repeat Land
Complete The Tasks In The Book Club And Travel To The Plant Sanctuary!

❗️ Changes: Different Colors Of The Rewards.

πŸ”‘ Walkthrough
Read The Mail, And Place The Fairytale Story On Your Land. Travel To The Book Club To Get Reader’s Cards And Fully Upgrade The Fairytale Story!

πŸ“š First, We Should Send Invitations To Invite Friends To Lili’s Club. Make A Reader’s Invitation From Colored Paper. Get Book Inspiration From Book Stacks To Restore The Mailboxes. Send All Reader’s Invitations, Then Bring All Consents To Join To Lili.

πŸ“š Now Let’s Find Out What Our Club Members Like To Read To Choose A Book For Discussion. Get Exquisite Taste From Sweet Bushes And Sweet Trees. Make Reader’s Taste In The Local Workshop. Try Guessing What Books The First Club Member Likes.
vote For The Main Book To Discuss On The Voting Board!

πŸ“š It’s Time To Read The Book. Make The Reader’s Spark In The Local Workshop. Use It To Translate All The Book Chapters. Dig Up The Story Pieces From The Pit. Transform The Book Volume Using The Reader’s Spark. Place All The Story Pieces Correctly And Click The Book Volume To Check.

πŸ“š Defeat The Pranksters. Bring The Joy Of A First Read Back To The Readers. Distract The Meanies And Turn The Shabby Objects Into The Club Decorations.

πŸ“š Place The Club Decorations Near Lili And Ask Her To Check.
make A Cup Of Coffee In The Local Workshop And Lay The Table. Catch The Flying Meanings To Get The Grain Of Truth That Is Needed To Build The Book Symbol. Take The Reward Home!

πŸ“š Get The Last Reader’s Card In The Reader’s Dream! Complete Tasks On Each Level To Open Special Chests And Get Bookmarks. Once You Have Enough Bookmarks, You’ll Get The Last Reader’s Card And A Real Bookstore As A Gift!

Here are the rewards:

1. Book Symbol πŸ“—
Beautiful reward for finishing the quests (no dungeons) in the Book Club!
It generates gifts every 24 hours, 10 times in total.

Book Symbol | Knights & Brides

2. Fairytale Story ✨
Gorgeous clickable reward! Get it from the mail, and upgrade it using Reader’s Cards. The last one is given for finishing 4 dungeons

Fairytale Story | Knights & Brides

3. Bookstore πŸ“š
And the final reward is a wonderful Bookstore. It works like a scarlet flower.
You’ll get it for completing 8 dungeons.
What do you think?

Bookstore | Knights & Brides

Repeat land – Plant Sanctuary
Life Tree
This beautiful tree will bring you lots of gifts! It works like a scarlet flower.
Get it for completing the quests!

Life Tree | Knights & Brides

Shimmering Waterfall
Get this clickable reward for clearing 35% of the land.

Shimmering Waterfall | Knights & Brides

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