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May 9, 2024


πŸ›’ 10 – 12 May – Buy Rubies and get + 400% FREE πŸ”₯

There are rumors of a unicorn who turns everything into gold. And it seems that this fabulous creature lives in Queen Vain’s old fortress!

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until May 15, 23:59 PDT.


  • Spend energy and get rewards in the Traveler’s Chest! More details in the next post.
  • Get a Coin of Spring for the quests.
  • Exchange Noble collections for unique energy drinks!


Molly invites you to Mollywood Hills! Get there after finishing the quests in the Abandoned Fortress.

Changes: new colors of the rewards.


Read the mail about the update and place the Perfect Dreams on your land. Find Moonstones in the Abandoned Fortress, you’ll need them to fully upgrade this decoration.

🌈 When you get to the destination, talk to King Victor. Collect some Azure Crystals from Luminous Stones. Open the gate to the next area.

🌈 Get Strengthening Potion from Elixerix to open Old Chests. Catch the keys to open the Enchanted Gate.

🌈 Ask Elixerix to make the Amulet of Time. Use it to examine all Suspicious Footprints and find out what happened. Open the gate to the next area.

🌈 Now you need Magic Hammers to turn Heaps of Scrap Metal into Mechanism Parts. Place them correctly and restore the Magic Mechanism. Then, use the level next to the throne.

🌈 Elixerix will make Azure Magic for you. It’s needed to charge the Enchanted Street Lamp. Move the Enchanted Street Lamp next to the Golden Statues to break the spell.

Yay! The curse is broken, and now you know more about this place. Take the Enchanted Street Lamp home!

🌈 Open the gate to the next part of the land. Decipher the Old Sheet Music, and play the melody on the Magic Harp.

🌈 Travel to the Perfect Dreams where the unicorn is being held captive. Ask King Victor to make Fairytale Dew and destroy all Vanity Thrones to overthrow Greedy Queen. Free the Fairytale Unicorn and take the Unicorn Coin.

Go to the next fairy tale. Remove the illusions from the Last Year’s Leaves. Help the Girl return to the Castle.

Return to the Abandoned Fortress and take the second reward, the Magic Harp.

Continue completing the Adventurer Coin tasks to get Moonstones needed to upgrade the decoration at home. Explore the fairy tales in the Perfect Dreams to get Unicorn Coins and receive the Fairytale Unicorn for your land!

Fabulous rewards from this land:
1. Enchanted Street Lamp ✨
Get this decoration for completing half of the quests. It generates gifts every 24 hours, 5 times in total.

2. Magic Harp 🎢
Complete all quests to get it. It generates gifts every 24 hours, 10 times in total.

Enchanted Street Lamp | Knights & Brides

3. Perfect Dreams πŸŒ™
It comes in the mail. Upgrade it with Moonstones that are given for completing Adventurer Coin tasks.

Perfect Dreams | Knights & Brides

4. Fairytale Unicorn πŸ¦„
The most beautiful creature of the Kingdom! This decoration works like a scarlet flower. You can get it for exploring 8 levels in the Perfect Dreams.

Fairytale Unicorn | Knights & Brides

What do you think? Aren’t the decorations simply gorgeous? 😍