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May 16, 2024


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Lost Land – Who dared to use dark magic in the Kingdom? The trees are withering, the streams are drying up, and the birds are flying away!

Lost Land is a temporary adventure, available until May 22, 23:59 PDT.


• Spend energy and get rewards in the Traveler’s Chest! 

• Get a Coin of Spring for the quests.

• Exchange Noble collections for unique energy drinks!


How to make purple honey? Find out on the Honey Island!

Changes: new colors of the rewards.


In the mail, you’ll find a special statue. Travel to the Lost Land and complete Adventurer Coin tasks to get Forest Talismans and upgrade the Keeper of Nature! 🐾

Speak to McManus when you get there. He’ll tell you that the Forest Spring is dying because of the dark magic. You need to help the locals restore this place! 😉

Follow the Adventurer Coin tasks to navigate around the land.

🔍 Interesting! Under specific objects, you’ll find Secret Flowers. They are needed to make Moon Keys that open chests with amazing gifts. 

🌱 Get the Nature Magic from Spring Crystals to upgrade the Nature Sanctuary. There you can make Growth Nectar that is needed to revive the Dry Trees.

🌱 In the next area, revive the Enchanted Bushes to make them bloom. It will attract Bees, you need to catch them and collect Flower Honey from the Hives. Then, grow the Beautiful Lotus.

🌱 Continue exploring until you find Queen Vain. There, you need to restore the Deep Well and create Clean Water. Use it to fill the Dry Ponds.

🌱 When you meet Rain Fairy, create the Power of Wind. It will help you activate the Winged Statues and then tame the Hurricanes. You’ll get Lightning from them, it’s needed to release charges from the Thunderclouds.

🌱 The last task is given by Animal Fairy. You need to make the Memory Root and break the spell on the animals. Dig up the Clean Crystals, then place them correctly and disable the Taming Stone.

Now you should have enough Living Water to restore the Forest Spring! You can take it home.

Continue completing Adventurer Coin tasks at the Underground River. Eventually, you’ll get to travel to the Wild Grove where you can collect Magic Petals and get more rewards, including the Fairy Tale Door, a new portal!

Precious Chests:
Open them using the Moon Keys. They are crafted in the Nature Sanctuary from Secret Flowers and Steel.
You will find Secret Flowers in different objects in different areas. In order to figure out where to look for those flowers, read these hints:

Nature Sanctuary | Knights & Brides

And another hint 🙂
The objects that are hiding Secret Flowers!

Secret Flowers | Knights & Brides

Forest Spring 🌱
Get it after completing the tasks on the main land!

Forest Spring | Knights & Brides

Keeper of Nature 🦌
A beautiful statue for your land! Get it from the mail and upgrade with the Forest Talismans that you receive for completing Adventurer Coin tasks.

Keeper of Nature | Knights & Brides

Fairy Tale Door 📖
This is a new portal that takes you to a land where you can collect gifts every day! Finish 8 levels in the Wild Grove to get it!

Fairy Tale Door | Knights & Brides

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