Zoologist's Nook | Klondike: The Lost Expedition

April 25, 2024


πŸ›’ 26 – 28 April – Buy Emeralds and get +350% FREE πŸ”₯

Want to get a bunch of cute MARMOTS for your home station?
🀩 Albert invites you to his Zoologist’s Nook! These adorable animals won’t let you get bored! πŸ˜€

Two events have started today! map Klondike Mazes and map Zoologist’s Nook!

❗️❗️ ATTENTION! ❗️❗️
The MAPS could be different! This is preliminary information and subject to change!

map Zoologist's Nook | Klondike

βŒ› This is a small temporary location that will close on May 1, 23:59 PDT.
The land has no quests, only 1 major goal:

  • Examine Lost Backpacks.

✨ Clear 50% of the land and get a Bench under Lantern decoration!
✨ For 70% clearing of the land you’ll get an adorable MARMOT that gives great rewards for 20 Wild Strawberries, 5 times, and leaves an animated decoration.
✨ In 100% box you’ll find a Dynamic Duo ROULETTE! 🦝

Set out on a journey through the Mazes and help Ragnar find the legendary Drakkar!

map Shining Labyrinth | Klondike
map Maze of Sand | Klondike
map Ancient Maze | Klondike
map Snow Maze | Klondike

Source of information on Maps: klondikeaddicts101

This is a TEMPORARY UPDATE for 2 weeks, all Mazes will disappear on May 8, 23:59 PDT.

  • There’re four main mazes. Once you complete them, you’ll get access to endless mazes!
  • All Mazes can be accessed via the icon under your gifts (left side of your screen).
  • Home Storage is available in all maze lands; all cut-out objects automatically go to storage.
  • All items and treasures are generated randomly for each player.
  • A maze is considered done when you find and open the Treasury.

πŸ‘‰ Find 3 Stone Bowls in the location and light a fire on on them using the powder of corresponding colors. You can get powder by cutting down Yellow, Pink and Green Crystals in the location.

  • The TRADER will swap your Red Acionide for useful stuff.
  • Acionide from the previous update can be used too.

πŸ‘¨ The SMUGGLER is waiting for you in MAZE #4.
Maze #4 is the only place where you can find the Smuggler, you can always return there from the Endless Mazes. Blue Acionide for his trades can be found only in the Endless Mazes.

🎁 If you have enough Blue Acionide in your pockets, you can trade it for a Moon Guardian, Golden Statue Collector, House for Two, and other useful stuff! 😍

You can purchase the NEW Yggdrasil roulette for 500 Acionide in Maze #1.

✨ It has great rewards inside: 5 beautiful decorations, 3 multiboxes, and some consumables, such as Kerosene, Raspberries, Lucky Coins, etc.
You’ll need Worn Coins to spin the roulette. You can find them in the treasury every 6 endless mazes (in 3 random of them). The more infinite mazes you complete, the more coins and rewards you can get!

You can enter the endless mazes after you are done with the main maze.

⏳ Once you enter the Endless Mazes, you will receive the base of the Maze Keeper. It’s a special statue that can be built with Statue Pieces and turned into a building with crafts.

  • 10 Statue Pieces are awarded to you after you complete 5 endless mazes. The more pieces you get, the more you can add to the Maze Keeper Statue.
  • You can transform your Maze Keeper from any stage, but the more stages you complete, the more crafts you will have.
  • Each endless maze has 5 chests with Red Acionide.
  • One out of 6 endless mazes has two types of chests (Red and BLUE Acionide), 5 of each type.

❗️❗️ ATTENTION! You cannot return to a previous maze in the Endless Mazes. ❗️❗️

There will be a Global rating and a Group rating, based on the number of Endless Mazes the players completed.

🌎 In the Global rating, only the first 100 players will receive a prize. The more mazes you complete, the higher your place is.

πŸ‘₯ Players in Groups will compete for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes, or the general prize if they complete at least 10 endless mazes.
After completing the first maze, players will automatically be placed into groups based on their level. There can be no more than 50 players in a group.

🎁 Complete at least 10 endless mazes and get a guaranteed participant reward.

πŸ’‘ IMPORTANT: You don’t need to clear the mazes completely, a Maze is considered done when you find and open the Treasury. There are no clearing rewards in the mazes.