Spring Fair | Klondike: The Lost Expedition

May 16, 2024


πŸ›’ 17 – 18 May – Buy Emeralds and get +250% FREE πŸ”₯

Head to the Spring Fair and help the merchants bring back the customers!

⏳ This is a temporary location near your home station that will close on May 29, 23:59 PDT.

The land has 2 levels: map Spring Fair and map Dance Meadow.

map Spring Fair | Klondike
map Dance Meadow | Klondike

Source of information on Maps: klondikeaddicts101

Each level has 1 major goal:

– Make the Flower Sculpture.

πŸ’‘ Once restored, the Flower Sculpture will turn into a ROULETTE!

– Plant flowers in the Spring Flowerbeds.


πŸ‘‰ Hardramble & Fresh Lemonade

Hardramble at the Spring Fair will swap your Fresh Lemonade for some useful items.

πŸ‹ You can get Fresh Lemonade from the Lemonade Crates generated around the Lemonade Table.

❗️ You can exchange Fresh Lemonade for useful items after completing the Hardramble’s Craft quest!

πŸ‘‰ Ethan Edger & Green Clay

Ethan will gladly swap your Green Clay for some dynamite sticks and energy snacks!

There are 4 Green Clay deposits in the location, each containing 120 Green Clay.

Restore the Pottery Table for 30 energy and use it to get Green Clay from the Green Clay deposits. Each deposit can be processed ONCE.


There’s a Panda at the end of a small “maze” area in the Dance Meadow. Feed it for 210 Bamboo to complete the weekly Construction Trust task! You can collect Bamboo in the location. 


Spring Fair:

✨ 20% – a gift box with useful items.

✨ 50% – Wooden Owl multibox that gives rewards 10 times and leaves an animated decoration! πŸ¦‰

✨ 70% – Scarecrow multibox, it gives rewards 10 times and leaves a decoration.

✨ 100% – Flower Sculpture animated ROULETTE! 🀩

Dance Meadow:

✨ 20% – a gift box with useful items.

✨ 50% – Balloons multibox, it gives rewards 10 times and leaves a decoration! 🎈

✨ 70% – an adorable PANDA that gives rewards for 5 Blueberries, 7 times, and leaves an animated decoration! 🐼😍

✨ 100% – a Scene with useful crafts inside!


Mr. Clark invites you to participate in a new 2-week Construction Trust season! Valuable prizes await you:

✨ New energy snacks

✨ Multiboxes

✨ Beautiful spring decorations

✨ Roulette engines

✨ Sled upgrades

✨ Gold & Silver buffs

✨ a Cart with Treats. Here you can turn your crops into 100 PURE ENERGY, limit 20!

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