Useful game tips Klondike!

March 25, 2024

😊 Useful game tips Klondike! πŸ‘‡

😊 Useful game tips Klondike!
We’ve gathered the best tips and recommendations from our players on the game Klondike!

πŸ’‘ If you don’t have a partner, get one. Your partner can help you clear objects at the locations.

πŸ’‘ Store your extra energy producing items like golden barrels, golden chests, ancient chests, iron and coal deposits and dried twigs at Indigo instead of cashing them all in right away. Save some of them until you really need them.

πŸ’‘ Make sure you have gift space when asking for things. On gifts special tab it shows you your gift space available. To get more gift space build more barns. Visit neighbors for energy. Always keep 1 Free gift on your wish list.

πŸ’‘ To get coins quickly, sell Windows, Nails, Bricks, Tile and of course Indigo Sets from the collections. Furnaces and Sweaters are also good cash makers. Other good money makers are Ostrich Egg Baskets made in Polar Side.

πŸ’‘ I find most of my energy by travelling to the lands where you can make your own: Scalp, Forgotten Trail, etc. It takes some resources or equipment but mostly things you don’t use for other buildings, such as Alligators and Kettles.

πŸ’‘ Do not use COMBO chops when you remove Π‘oal. By clicking 40 by 40 you will get more energy.

πŸ’‘ When picking up boxes and bundles from your chopping, use the X-ray feature from your yellow tool arrow on the bottom right. This will fade your unprocessed areas, leaving the goodies highlighted. Then sweep your cursor over them, no need to click on each one. When your sled is full, it won’t pick up any more.

πŸ’‘ Once you’ve placed a cat on your map it will open all your nests. There are three different colors of cats. The red one for 39 emeralds, the black and the grey one for 49 emeralds. The black and the grey cats are working faster than the orange cat. For the orange cat you need 15 Milk to open the nests, for the black and grey cat you need 30 Milk. The cats are very helpful because you don’t have to search all your nests by yourself, so buy them when they are on sale.

πŸ’‘ There are three different kinds of shovels in the game: the Regular Shovel, the Golden Shovel and the Mega-shovel.
You can use 300 free Regular Shovels each day (5 shovels at each neighbor’s station).
Golden Shovels can be purchased at the Market, crafted in the Golden lighthouse, or exchanged for Collections: 5 from the Lucky Set. You can use them 1000 times a day.
Mega-shovels will allow you to continue digging even when you’re out of other shovels. You can use them 1000 times a day. You can buy them at the Market.

πŸ’‘ Remember to use your free energy refill. If you’re working in an area that has high energy usage, top up your energy before you head home with all your goods. Often you get energy from your packs that will be added that is above your normal energy level.

πŸ’‘ When sending free gifts to your neighbors, click the Show Who Needs It but UNCLICK the Notify. This makes it much faster to send all those gifts.

πŸ’‘ Visit temporary lands if they are doing a team competition. If you help even with one Helpers House and whatever its collecting and your team reaches goal, you will win some prizes. Also, if you do any mazes and get labyrinth secret chests, keep them in your storage until you need extra energy to chop a big item. Then place them on your land and open as many as you need to chop.

πŸ’‘ Visit Forgotten Bay and click on the seashells and barrels to get more energy. And using your shovels will help you get silvers.

πŸ’‘ I have filled Wind’s Song with 500+ pear trees. Rather than haul Water from the Home Station, I put a farm there with 50 cows and 50 sheep. Milk and Wool make Water. You don’t have to upgrade the farm, just have 2 stalls open.

πŸ’‘ After you have beaten all the Leontius’ mines, continue to play them, as beating them will give you the White Gold needed to make Chocolate.