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November 9, 2023


The famous herbalist sent you a letter from a distant corner of the Kingdom. Lili writes that she has found a rare plant with unusual properties!

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until November 15, 23:59 PDT.


• Get a Coin of Autumn for finishing the quests.

• Visit Mystery Mazes on Monday!


Foxes of the Fox Burrow can’t wait to meet you again! Come there after finishing the quests in the Dream Valley.

Changes: new colors of the rewards, no Fox Postcard, the Giggling Fox is given for the Adventurer Coin tasks, no dungeons.


Go to the Dream Valley to start a new adventure!


Lili has fallen asleep and can’t wake up… We need to help her! Get some Oblivion Petals from Sleepy Aconite. Ask the locals for the Dream Fairy’s address. Make a deal with King Croakle I.


Get some Fantasy Powder from Cloudy Trees. Make Rich Imagination in the Sleepy Hut. Use your imagination to shape the Decorative Trees. Use Rich Imagination to turn the trees into Unusual Totems.


Create a Vivid Dream in the Mushroom Stump. Use it to calm the Pests. Help the Interesting Mushrooms grow. Upgrade the Good Portal and go to Lili’s dream.


Activate the Magic Wings. Catch all the Butterflies and collect Fairy Nectar. Grow the Fantastic Flower. Repair the Mills. Get the Puzzle Pieces from the Azure Rocks. Put the puzzle together and activate the Strange Portal. It leads to Lili’s nightmare.


Transform the Scary Statues. Play with the Ghosts. Get Black Fragments from Agate Deposits. Look into the Black Mirror. Light the Torches in the correct order and activate the Portal to Reality. Take the Dimension Mirror home!


Go to Aurora’s Dream. Make the Star’s Sparkle. Fill the Ponds of Dreams. Upgrade the Globe of Eternity.

Decorate the Purple Trees. Light the Constellations, and repair the Suspension Bridge. Give the Star’s Sparkle to the Star Guardians. 

Put all Eternity Seals in their places and activate Aurora’s Altar. Take the Star Shard. Give the Star Shard to the Dream Fairy.

The Dream Fairy is now yours!

Dimensions Mirror. Magical clickable reward! 😍 Get it after helping Lili escape the nightmare.

Do you like it?

Dimensions Mirror | Knights and Brides

Dream Fairy. This beautiful clickable decoration can become yours after completing the quests in Aurora’s Dream. ✨ Isn’t it adorable? 🥰

Dream Fairy | Knights and Brides