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Klondike: The Lost Expedition

September 21, 2023


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TIGER MINES are in danger! Go to the Tiger Station and stop Baby Bill’s gang!

⏳ Tiger Station is a new temporary location, it will disappear on October 4, 23:59 PDT.

💡 The land has 1 upper level, 1 mine level, and 1 more upper level.

📜 Major goals 📜

– Tiger Station. Dig out Dog’s Stashes.

– Dalstar. Return the Supplies to the Miners. Supplies can be found in the boxes & from the tents in the location, and from the bandits.

👇 More HINTS & BONUS below 👇


Courage is a special energy-like resource that is needed to fight bandits, open barriers and restore order in the mine. 

Courage can be obtained from flying STORKS in the upper land level and flying BATS in the mine level.


As you explore the land, you will find bandits. Chase them away with Loud Bullets and Courage to get STOLEN SUPPLIES. There are also 2 tents with supplies in Dalstar.

Return the Supplies to the workers.  In exchange for 30 supplies each worker will give you crates and barrels with useful stuff. 


To open crates and barrels, you’ll need crowbars. You’ll find them in clearing rewards. Crowbars go to your Home Storage, PRODUCTION tab. 

Crates can also be obtained from Freight Railcars in Dalstar. Unloading them is also the Construction Trust task. 


Use the Foundry in Gold Mine to make Tigroid Gold Bars out of Tigroid Gold Nuggets. Tigroid Gold Bars are needed to restore carts in Tiger Mines.


Complete all quests to get this honorary medal! You can upgrade your Signal Tower with it (purchased at the Market). Spin the roulette using Courage Coins. They can be obtained for swapping the Courage Set. You can get Courage Sets from Stashes of Courage in the location. 15 stashes give 450 collections elements, so you will be able to get about 90 Courage Coins.


Clearing rewards:

✨ Dalstar:

Clear 10% and 20% of the land and get Crowbars needed to open crates and barrels from the location!

Clear 30% and get 3 Wagon decorations, including the wagon with the tigress!

For 60% clearing you’ll get Crowbars and TIGER ROULETTE!

Clear 100% of Dalstar and get Crowbars, Roulette Manager Engine, and TRAIN multibox!

✨ Tiger Mines:

Clear 100% of the land and get a WHITE TIGRESS multibox! 😍

And check out the CARTS in Tiges Mines! They have useful crafts inside, including the MOON GUARDIAN, dynamites, and energy snacks!

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