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Klondike: The Lost Expedition

August 23, 2023

Cheers to VIZOR! 🎂

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Hey fellow adventurers,

Today, we’re celebrating our company’s birthday! It’s sweet sixteen time for Vizor! ✨✨✨

And we couldn’t be more excited to not only commemorate this milestone but also extend a huge thank you to all of the players who make our Klondike community truly exceptional.

🥂 Let’s raise a virtual toast to all of you – our steadfast players, who infuse the game with life and energy. Together, we craft an enchanting world, and this incredible journey wouldn’t be possible without your contributions! Every expedition taken, every mystery unraveled, and every moment of exhilaration exists because of your unwavering passion and dedication.

Here’s to more quests, unforgettable moments, and forged friendships!

🎁 Happiness is sweeter when shared, so the devs sent out GIFT BOXES today, don’t forget to claim yours.


And a question for you, intrepid explorers: If you could throw a quirky party for our company’s birthday, what would it be? Share your creative ideas below and let’s spark some joy! 💬🎈