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April 11, 2024


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Sunwoods – They say those who live in these forests are never sad. What is their secret? Get on the road and find out!

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until April 17, 23:59 PDT.


  • Adventure Book is back!
  • Get a Coin of Spring for the quests.


Fun Residence welcomes you! Visit it after completing the quests in Sunwoods.

Changes: new colors of the rewards, different clearing rewards.


Find the Shining Tree in your mail and place it on your land. Collect Bright Coins in Sunwoods to upgrade it!

🌼 When you meet with Doctor of Botany, get some Spring Power from Bright Crystals. Use it to talk to the Cheerful Residents.

🌼 Learn the Nature Skill from Doctor of Botany and study the Botany Volumes. Sow the Garden Beds and lure Sunny Bunnies to catch them!

🌼 Collect Music Notes from Music Trees and ask the Sunny Bunnies to make the Music of Spring. Use it to chase away the Pests and place the Cute Scarecrows.

🌼 Get Sunfruit Seeds from the Sunny Bunnies and plant them. Unpack the boxes with Sun Lamps, then move them to the Sunfruit Sprouts.

🌼 Collect Sun Vitamins from Sunfruit. Make Healthy Tea together with Doctor of Botany, and give it to the Kingdom’s residents.

🌼 Now you should have enough Bright Coins for the Shining Tree! Continue completing some extra tasks in Sunwoods to get the second clickable decoration, the Warm Meadow. You’ll need to complete a few orders on the Order Board!

Rewards from Sunwoods:
1. Shining Tree 🌞 A beautiful tree for your garden! Get it from the mail, and upgrade it with Bright Coins.

Shining Tree | Knights & Brides

2. Warm Meadow 🌻 A perfect place for a picnic under the blue sky. Get it for completing all extra tasks in Sunwoods. What do you think? 😉

Warm Meadow | Knights & Brides

Repeat land – Fun Residence. Rewards – Scroll of jokes

Scroll of jokes | Knights & Brides

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