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April 11, 2024


🛒 12 – 14 April – Buy Emeralds and get +350% FREE 🔥

Set out for the Bingo Club and play a new game with Leontius!

⏳ This is a new temporary location near your home station that will close on April 24, 23:59 PDT.

It has 2 levels: map Bingo Club and map Abandoned Cave.

map Bingo Club | Klondike

map Abandoned Cave | Klondike

Source of information on Maps: Klondike: Fans’ Game Guide

The 1st level has 2 major goals:

  • Find and examine all Spring Baskets.
  • Restore all Cute Houses.

💡 Each restored Cute House has some crafts inside, including energy snacks, Oil, SIlent Shadow’s Bags, etc.

📜 Abandoned Cave has no quests, only TASKS:

  • Drive away the Bandits.

💡 You’ll need Loud Bullets to complete this task. You can make them in the storage building.

  • Find and examine the Stagecoach. Don’t forget to take all the valuables!
  • Find the Hermit’s Table. There must be lots of interesting records in it!
  • Find and examine the Dummy Treasure. Also, you better take it with you.


Leontius introduces you his new mini-game: BINGO! 🎱

You can access it through your quests on the left. You’ll need Bingo Balls to play it. You can get Bingo Balls from Leontius in the Bingo Club.

You’ll have 2 weeks to complete your Bingo and get all the rewards from it.

🎁 You will get a reward for each completed column or row, as well as additional prizes for 5 and 10 completed rows!


After Leonsius gives us all Bingo Balls (limit 25), you can craft Experimental Candies and Explosive Cola there.

🧨 You’ll also need Experimental Candies to charge the pre-installed Explosive Cola 75 and 150 energy in the location.


You’ll get a Garden Gazebo special building for completing the 2nd storyline quest. Use Club Coins to build it. All coins are earned by playing the Bingo mini-game. You’ll get 2 coins for completing 2 Bingo rows and 2 more coins for 5 and 10 completed rows.

🎁 You can turn your Garden Gazebo into gifts from April 25.


You’ll find it in the Bingo Club location. Restore it for 15 Ordinary Logs and 20 Stones, then open recipes for it and cook 3 kinds of yummy burgers +25, 45 and 65 energy with no limits!


✨ Police Station, Old farm, and Construction Trust Office in the Bingo Club location have roulettes inside! You can spin them every 23 hours.

✨ Soda Machine in the Bingo Club also has a roulette inside! You can spin it every 4 hours.


Clear 100% of the Bingo Club and get a Big Burger HOTEL! 🤩 Here you can hire 30 people for three days, they will work as 120 workers.

Big Burger HOTEL | Klondike

Clear 80% of the Abandoned Cave and get a Bingo Club Stagecoach SLED DESIGN! ✨

Bingo Club Stagecoach SLED DESIGN | Klondike

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