Old Manor | Klondike: The Lost Expedition

May 2, 2024


🛒 3 – 4 May – Buy Emeralds and get +250% FREE 🔥

Head to the Old Manor and help Edmund get the house in order before selling!

⏳ This is a temporary location near your home station that will close on May 15, 23:59 PDT.

The land has 2 levels – map Old Manor and map Road of Exchange
and 2 major goals:

– Clean the Vases.
– Examine the Toys.

map Old Manor | Klondike
map Road of Exchange | Klondike

Source of information on Maps: klondikeaddicts101


You can exchange Appraiser’s Certificates for useful items at the TRADER WAGON.

Appraiser’s Certificates can be obtained from Achille de Rastignaс during the storyline and from the Family Treasure.

💡 You’ll need to restore the Family Treasure to complete the storyline quest. Once restored, you can get 1 Appraiser’s Certificate from the Family Treasure every 30 minutes.


✨ There is a tape measure in Edmund’s house! You can rotate it every 8 hours.

And more roulettes on the Road of Exchange:

✨ Projectionist’s Desk that you can spin every 7 hours!

✨ And a Cozy Gazebo with a roulette inside! You can spin it every 5 hours.


Old Manor:

✨ Clear 50% of the land and get cozy furniture for your home station: Rocking Chairs x2 and Pianoforte x1 decorations!

✨ For 70% clearing you’ll get 2 types of beautiful Vase decorations for your home station!

✨ Clear 100% of the land and get a gift box with a Roulette Engine, emeralds, 250-energy dynamite and some other useful items!

Road of Exchange:

✨ For 50% clearing you’ll get Bookcase and Clock decorations!

✨ Clear 70% of the land and get 2 more types of Vases for your home station!

✨ And if you clear 100% of the land, you’ll get EDMUND’S HOUSE! It can house 20 workers for 3 days, they will work as effectively as 80 people.


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