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1. General Provisions – (Terms of Use)

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) regulates the legal relationship between the website MyGameSet.com (hereinafter referred to as the Site) and an individual (hereinafter referred to as the User) when using information on the website https://www.mygameset.com/ , as well as sending mail messages when help of Postal services (e-mail).

1.2. This Agreement can be changed by the Administration without any special notification to the User. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment it is posted on the portal.

1.3. The legal relations arising between the User and the Administration in connection with the implementation of this Agreement are governed by the legislation of Ukraine and by the public agreement concluded between the website “MyGameSet” and the company “GameDistribution” –  https://static.gamedistribution.com/terms/publisher.html .

2. Interaction – (Terms of Use)

2.1. The site provides users with browser games

2.2. In order to use the functions of the Games on the Site, the User must go through the following registration procedures in each game:

2.2.1. Fill out the registration form;

2.2.2. Agree to the terms of this Agreement. At the same time, the Administration does not in any way check the information provided by the User for validity and is not responsible to any third parties for the accuracy and reliability of such information; does not regard the information provided by the User as personal data subject to special protection in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data”;

2.2.3. Upon completion of the registration process, the User enters the account login and password to access the Games on the Site. The User is personally responsible for the security of his username and password, as well as full responsibility for all actions that will be performed by the User in the process of using the Games on the Site;

2.2.4. The User agrees that the Administration has the right to collect and store the User’s registration data (if received), within the Site in order to fulfill the provisions of this Agreement.

2.3. All issues of granting access rights to the Internet, purchasing and adjusting for this appropriate equipment and software are decided by the User independently and are not subject to this Agreement.

2.4. The User’s password for the Games on the MyGameSet.com Site can be restored by the Administration, which provides a specific game, only in the case of an accurate, correct and complete indication of the information specified during the initial registration by the User of the account.

2.5. The Administration does not exercise any control and is not responsible for the content of the Users’ correspondence, except in cases provided for by the legislation of Ukraine.

3. Services (Placement of Materials) – (Terms of Use)

3.1. The User posts his Materials on the Site within this resource without paying any remuneration.

3.2. The user understands and agrees that e-mail may contain service messages of the Administration, automatic notifications and newsletters and that such messages are a prerequisite for its use.

3.3. The User agrees that the Administration has the right to post on the pages containing the User’s Materials, advertising banners and advertisements, modify the Materials in order to place advertisements.

3.4. Responsibility for unauthorized copying and use of the Materials is borne by all and any legal entities and individuals who have unlawfully used the Materials posted on the Site.

3.5. Until otherwise established, all property and personal non-property rights to the Material belong to the User who posted them. The user is warned about the liability established by the current legislation of Ukraine for the unlawful use and placement of other people’s materials (works). In the event that it is established that the User who posted the Materials is not their legal copyright holder, these Materials will be removed from free access at the first request of the legal copyright holder.

3.6. When placing the Material, the Administration indicates the pseudonym (nickname) of the User specified by the User when providing the Material.

3.7. The user understands and accepts that the person who made this posting is responsible for all information, data, text, messages and other materials posted for public access or transmitted privately.

4. Termination of the account and deletion of User Materials – (Terms of Use)

4.1. The User agrees that the Administration reserves the right to terminate the User’s account and / or block the User’s access to the Site, at any time without prior notice to the User and without giving a reason, in the following cases:

4.1.1 Violation of the provisions of this Agreement, its parts and additions;

4.1.2 At the relevant request of state authorities, in accordance with the current legislation;

4.1.3 Prolonged non-use (from 3 calendar months in a row) of the account to access the site;

4.1.4 In other cases, if the Administration considers such deletion necessary for the normal operation of the Site.

4.2. The user has the right at any time to refuse to use his account in mail and delete his account. The data posted on the site, in such cases, is destroyed without the possibility of recovery automatically.

4.3. Termination of the User’s account implies the removal of the User’s access to the personal part of the Site, as well as the removal of all information that was posted on the Site;

4.4. The Administration reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change (moderate) or delete any information published by the User, with or without prior notice, without being responsible for any harm that may be caused to the User by such action.

4.5. The administration has the right to refuse to use the Site in case of failure to comply with clause 3.7 of this agreement, limiting access to the Site, and delete the posted materials.

5. Rights and obligations – (Terms of Use)

5.1. The Administration tries to ensure the smooth operation of the Site, but is not responsible for the complete or partial loss of the Materials posted by the User, as well as for the insufficient quality or speed of provision of the Services

5.2. The user has the right to post through the Site objects of intellectual property, the right to use which belongs to him legally.

5.3. The Administration has the right to refuse the User to post Materials, text messages, as well as delete Materials at its discretion if their content contradicts the requirements of this Agreement.

5.4. The User agrees that he is fully responsible for the content of his Materials posted by him on the Site. The Administration is not responsible for the content of the Materials and for their compliance with legal requirements, for copyright infringement, unauthorized use of marks for goods and services (trademarks), company names and their logos, as well as for possible violations of the rights of third parties in connection with the placement of the Materials on the site. In case of receipt of claims from third parties related to the placement of Materials, the User will independently and at his own expense settle these claims.

5.5. The author of the materials specified in this paragraph retains all property and personal non-property copyrights, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and international agreements.

5.6. The administration does not guarantee that the services of the site will meet the requirements of the User; will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors, and the results that can be obtained by the User will be accurate and reliable. In this regard, the Administration is in no way liable to the User for any lost profits, proceeds, lost information or data or for indirect, punitive or incidental damages arising from or in connection with these Terms and Services, even if we were notified of the possibility of such losses.

5.7. Any materials received by the User using the services of the Site are used by the User at their own peril and risk. The user is solely responsible for any damage that may be caused to the computer and / or data as a result of downloading and using these materials.

5.8. The Administration undertakes to notify the User about the claims of third parties to the Materials posted by the User. The User undertakes to either grant the Administration the right to use the Material or remove the Material.

5.9. The administration has the right, at the first request of the relevant authorized (law enforcement) body, but in accordance with the current legislation, to provide such a state body with the available information about the User, not excluding personal data.

5.10. The user acknowledges that the Administration can set restrictions on the use of services.

5.11. The administration is not responsible for (Terms of Use):

  • for the actions of the User on the Site (Terms of Use);
  • for failures in telecommunications and / or energy networks, the action of malicious programs, as well as for unfair actions of third parties (Terms of Use);
  • for the content and legality of the Information used / received by the User within the Service, as well as for its nature (Terms of Use);
  • for damage / loss of profits caused to the User as a result of the use or inability to use this or that service (Terms of Use);
  • for any damage to the software and / or hardware of the User resulting from the use of the service(Terms of Use).

5.12. The user acknowledges that the Administration has the right to refuse to use the services without explaining the reason for such a refusal (Terms of Use).

5.13 The User acknowledges that the Administration has the right to refuse to consult on the use of the Site Services, regardless of the form in which the consultation request was generated (Terms of Use).

6. General information (Terms of Use)

6.1. This Agreement is legally binding for both the Administration and the User.

6.2. The User has the right to refuse to accept changes and additions to the Agreement made by the Administration, which means the User’s refusal to use the services of the Site.

6.3. All possible disputes arising in connection with / regarding the implementation of this Agreement are resolved in accordance with the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine.

6.4. Nothing in the Agreement can be understood as the establishment between the User and the Administration of agency relations, partnership relations, joint activity relations, personal employment relations, or any other legal relations not expressly provided for in this Agreement.

6.5. A user who believes that his rights and interests have been violated due to the actions of the Administration or third parties in connection with the posting of any Material on the Site, sends a claim to the support service.

6.6. In the event that regulatory legal acts are adopted by the authorities of Ukraine affecting in whole or in part the functioning of the Site or Services, the Administration reserves the right to make any changes to the functioning of the Services aimed at bringing the activities of the Site in line with the new standards.

6.7. Please note that all information and all materials posted on our website may contain inaccuracies or be incomplete. Due to the fact that we are not an official source, we urge you not to rely entirely on the information published on the site. It is for informational purposes only and is not final.

The information presented on the site is for informational purposes only.
We do not give 100% reliable information!

COPYRIGHT – (Terms of Use)

7.1. Any published information that is directly related to the games presented on our website: graphics, logos, characters, music, videos, gifs, texts, etc. – BELONG TO THEIR REAL OWNERS who develop this or that game presented on our website!
The site for intellectual and other property rights – DOES NOT CLAIM!

7.2. The authorship known to us must be indicated. If the authorship is not specified, then the information was found on the Internet. Are you the author or do you know who owns the work? Write to us about it, we will definitely make adjustments.

Our position on the issue of copyright – we are on the side of copyright protection!

7.3. In most cases, we are not the authors of the published information, if it is not directly written (not indicated) on the site page, we still do not claim any rights. All rights belong to their real owners! If someone is the author of these materials and objects to their placement on our site, we are ready to remove the materials at the first request or place information about the author in the form of a link or signature. To do this, the copyright holder will only need to confirm his intellectual property rights by contacting the site administration directly, or through a public statement (appeal) on their official pages (platforms) in social networks.