SPRING TOURNAMENT 2024 | Knights and Brides

February 29, 2024


🛒 1 – 2 March – Buy Rubies and get + 250% FREE 🔥

SPRING TOURNAMENT 2024 – Many exciting tasks, treasures and… dragons await! Earn Clan Points and prove your clan to be the best.

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until March 13, 23:59 PST.


When you arrive at the Tournament, gather some Glassleaves from Fragile Trees.

Make a Crystal Key in the Flame Well, and use it to open a Special Chest. Open the gate tot the next area.

Collect some Magic Pollen from Frozen Buds and Crystals of Courage from Sun Crystals. Get the Tournament Spirit from Entertainer Mage. It’s needed to restore the Magic Springs.

After moving to the next part, talk to Wise Owl. Read all Thick Volumes. Enter the maze through the gate. Open all the Special Chests there.

In the next area, restore the Chess Pieces, make a winning move, and ask the Chess Guardian to check.

If you’re having trouble with this task, you can get a hint from Entertainer Mage. 

Move through the gate, and activate the Portal. Talk to the Supreme Magicians, they have some important insights for you!

Continue exploring the land. Talk to Aurora the Fairy in the next area. Get a lot of Small Stars from Star Trees. Fill a few Sparkling Jars with them. Then, send the Moon to the sky using Energy.

In the last area, gather Magic Matches and catch all Sparks of Zeal. Use them to light up the Goblets of Fire. After that, you can take your clickable reward home!

Continue completing the Field Assignments to get Clan Points and the second reward!

Other ways to get CP:

◾️ Explore the Queen’s Maze. Use Heraldic Tokens to enter it. One token allows you to stay in the maze for 30 minutes. You can get them by completing home tasks and finishing temporary lands.

◾️ Exchange Dragon Gold for Dragon Scales. Give scales to the Traveling Merchant or use them to make elixirs at the Alchemy Table. Elixirs then can be exchanged for CP.

◾️ Find cups in temporary lands

◾️ Get CP in Clan City’s portals

Rewards for this adventure:
1. Long-awaited Reward. A stunning piece for your estate! Get it for completing the quests. 😉

Long-awaited Reward | Knights and Brides

2. Spring Gift.
Generates gifts every 24 hours, 10 times in total. For completing all the Field Assignments. 🎁

Spring Gift | Knights and Brides