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Knights and Brides

August 2, 2023

Ranger Phoebe Project

Today, our inquisitive George became aware of  the new Ranger Phoebe project. She opened a camping camp where she trains successfully encampment wildlife survival.

It’s so interesting! So much new you can learn. How to put tents, cook porridge on the fire, to be able to navigate the stars.

We’ll get more information when George returns from a business trip to the Mimitrolley camp. Rumor has it these restless babies have achieved excellent results in Scout case.

Cutie-trolls have been learning how to be scouts! They now know so much about hiking, and they’re inviting you to their camp to show you what they can do. 😉

Very soon we’ll find out every details. Keep up with the news 😃

Two summer months flew by in one breath. Already sunflower August has crossed the threshold of summer and is ready to embrace us.
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