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Knights and Brides

August 31, 2023


🛒 1 – 2 September – Buy Rubies and get + 300% FREE 🔥

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Seasons change, but the Kingdom’s residents are only happier for that reason! Visit and learn more about their traditions of greeting autumn.

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until September 6, 23:59 PDT.


•  New season of Charming County. 

•  Complete the quests to get a Coin of Autumn. New collection!

•  Autumn goodies on the market. 


Can you follow the Way of the Cook? Check your cooking skills in the repeat after finishing the Magic Lands. 

❗️ Changes: different colors of the rewards, no Fishing Ring and red bait, the second reward is given for clearing the land.


Find the Isle of Magic in the update mail and place it on your land. Travel to the Magic Lands and complete Adventurer Coin tasks to get Magic Wands. They are needed to upgrade the Isle of Magic!

When you reach the Magic Lands, talk to Georgette. Gather the Festive Boxes sent by the Supreme Magicians and get Knowledge Crystals from the Rocks of Learning. It’s needed to explore!

🔍 Only in this land you can collect collection items for the temporary, Royal, collection. Cut down Shoe Shrubs and exchange collections for glory and unique energy drinks! 😍

This land consists of 6 islands. One is where you meet with Georgette, and the rest is where other citizens of the Kingdom are waiting for you. First, we’ll go to the dwarves, who are across the upper bridge!


Ask the Garden Dwarf to make the Dwarf Wit. Use it to collect the Dwarves’ Harvest from the Garden Beds. When you get enough, send the harvest to the royal palace with the Merchant Dwarf.

🧝‍♀️ ELVES

They can be found across the second bridge on the starting island. Get the Elf Magic from Princess Eurelia. It’s needed to grow the Tree of Wisdom using the Elf Magic and study the Elf Wisdom.


On the middle island, you’ll find witches. Get the Witch Mind from Witch Agnes and catch the Fleeing Books. Use the Useful Pages to make the Unique Knowledge. Give it to the Little Witches


From the witches’ island go across the lower bridge to get to Ellie. Ask her to make Delicious Treats. Get the Cookies out of the molds and place them so that there are no identical ones in a row or column (click the Llama Statue to check the solution). Find the Hiding Animals.


On the last island, Violet the Fairy is waiting for you. Ask her to make the Fairy Elixir. Dispel the Autumn Blues using the Fairy Elixir. Revive the Dull Bouquets. Put the Bouquets on the Stands of the same color (click the Exquisite Vial to check the solution).

🎉 When all islands are complete, you can open the Eternal Knowledge Chest and take the Fairytale Book home! Travel to the Carefree Valley to finish the last two tasks of the Adventurer Coin.

Explore the valley to get Royal Coins and receive a gorgeous new portal where you can collect gifts every day!

The Fairytale Book is so magical! 😍

Get it after completing all islands in the Magic Lands. It generates gifts every 24 hours, 10 times in total. ❤️

Fairytale Book - Knights and Brides

This beautiful Isle of Magic comes in the mail! Upgrade it with Magic Wands that you get for completing the Adventurer Coin tasks. 🥰

Isle of Magic - Knights and Brides

A gorgeous portal will take you to a new land where you can collect gifts every day! You need to finish 8 levels in the Carefree Valley to get it. 🧚‍♀️

Carefree Valley - Knights and Brides

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