HOLIDAY POLE | Knights and Brides

December 21, 2023


Santa Claus invites you to visit his residence! To make the journey to our destination fun, we’ll take it aboard the Christmas Express.

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until December 27, 23:59 PST.


• There are 5 Tree Baubles in this land. 

• Get a Coin of Winter for the quests.

• Visit the game daily and get gifts!


Enjoy the magical atmosphere of the Magic Parade after completing the main quests at the Holiday Pole!

Changes: no gift from the mail, updated rewards.


Find the Christmas Express in the mail! Place it on your land, and travel to the Holiday Pole to get Golden Tickets.

Collect some Festive Mood from Cozy Candles. Go to the first station aboard the Christmas Express!


Talk to the Royal Architect. Make Winter Snow in the Local Workshop. Use it to turn the Summer Objects into Christmas Decorations.


Hart the Wolf will meet you there. Ask Rawdon Raisin to make Gingerbread Cookies, and give them to the Contest Guests. 

Turn Snowballs into trophies using Winter Snow. Place the trophies next to the Snowmen wearing clothes of the same color. 


Meet with Phoebe the Ranger. Collect Magic Icicles from Blue Crystals. Ask Phoebe the Ranger to make December Magic, and catch the Rare Creatures with its help. Turn the Enchanted Traps into Christmas Gifts. Light the Hearths.


Talk to Cream Cat. Make the Christmas Miracle in the Festive Workshop. It’s needed to restore the Christmas Puzzle Pieces. Place the Christmas Puzzle Pieces correctly. Ask Cream Cat to check the result.


Defeat the Pranksters using the Christmas Miracle. Get the Fallen Trees out of the way. Go to Santa’s station aboard the Christmas Express. Take the reward home! Now, you have 2 more Tree Baubles for the New Year Tree. 

Continue completing the quests to get 3 more baubles and gorgeous rewards!


Go to the Elf Village. Make Sweet Treats with the help of the Guiding Star. Give them to the Elves. In the next area, make Winter Staffs. Catch the Gift Balloons. Behind the next gate, you need to wrap the presents. In the last area, give presents to the locals. 

Now, the last Golden Ticket, as well as 2 Tree Baubles, is yours! You can fully upgrade the Christmas Express.

After finishing the tasks in the Elf Village, you should have 4 Festive Coins. Travel to the Magic Lands to get more of them!

Complete the same tasks there to open Party Chests and get Festive Coins. 7 levels will be enough to get a wonderful Christmas Sleigh and 1 more Tree Bauble! 😍

This Wonderful Tree will become yours after completing the main questline! ❤️

Wonderful Tree | Knights and Brides

Enjoy this fun Christmas Express! Get it from the mail, and upgrade it with the Golden Tickets that you get for completing the quests. The last ticket is given after finishing the tasks in the Elf Village! 🎁

Christmas Express | Knights and Brides

Wow! Look at that sled! Isn’t it gorgeous? 🦌🎅 It’s a new transport! Capacity 800
Get it for collecting 11 Festive Coins (you get 4 in the Elf Village, and the other ones for completing the levels in the Magic Lands)

Sled | Knights and Brides