FROSTY PLAINS | Knights and Brides

February 22, 2024


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Frosty Plains – Learn the legend of a valiant knight and a skilled sorceress!

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until February 28, 23:59 PST.


• Get a Coin of Winter for the quests (the last one!).

• Complete quests to get a Lantern for the Jade Dragon.


Lili’s taking part in the Flower Exhibition once again! Help her grow the Mystical Violet after finishing the tasks in the Frosty Plains.

Changes: updated rewards.


Find the Sorceress of Cold in your mail and place it on your land. Travel to the Frosty Plains to find Frosty Coins and also get the statue of the Faithful Warrior!

Someone has stolen the warrior’s gear! We need to find it and bring peace to the plains.

Follow the Adventurer Coin tasks to complete the land.


From the starting island go up. Gather Sun Crystals, and help Lumberjack cut down Magic Pines. Talk to the bandit to find out where the statue’s equipment is. 

🔍 After completing some tasks, you’ll get Map Fragments. They’re needed to craft Stash Maps which reveal hidden chests in the land. Each chest will give you a Simple Key. 5 of these keys can be transformed into a Golden Key that opens a special Bandits’ Treasury. 


Next, move to the island to the left from the starting area. Meet with Snow Fairy, and get a Forest Treat from her. Feed Forest Animals. Then, light a Neat Fire.


Chief Redbeard is waiting for you on the central island. Ask him to make Tools needed to restore the Village Wells. Catch Magic Fish from them. Then, release the fish into the Forest Lake. 


Then go to the right. Obtain the Dust of Awakening using the Herald of the Cold. Get Forest Wisdom from Graybeard, and make Portrait Fragments out of Suitable Trees. Connect the Portrait Fragments correctly and summon the Vigilant Keeper using the All-Seeing Tree. She will tell you where the equipment lies.


The last piece of equipment is somewhere on the upper island. Make Icy Flame and tame Thunderstorms. Place Silent Stones around the Quiet Obelisk and activate it to receive the Banishment Spell. Use it to chase the Snow Monster away!

Now, take the warrior’s armor. Return all the equipment to the statue, and take it home to keep it safe! 

Travel to the Frozen Domain to complete the last Adventurer Coin tasks, get Frosty Coins, and 5 more Map Fragments. 

When you craft the Golden Key, look for the entry to the Bandits’ Treasury in the upper left corner. 

Rewards from this update:
1. Faithful Warrior. Find all pieces of equipment, and upgrade it to take it home. 😉

Faithful Warrior | Knights and Brides

2. The Sorceress of Cold is the warrior’s beloved. Learn their story by deciphering books in the land. 🔥 Finish all Adventurer Coin tasks to get the clickable version of the sorceress!

Sorceress of Cold | Knights and Brides

Here’s how to open the Bandits’ Treasury:
– Find Map Fragments while exploring the land (you’ll get all of them if you complete almost all Adventurer Coin tasks)
– Craft Stash Maps in the Bandits’ Cabin
– Open the hidden chests that appear when you create Stash Maps
– Craft the Golden Key from the Simple Keys that you find in the chests mentioned in the previous bullet point
– Open the door marked in the screenshot

Bandits' Treasury | Knights and Brides