FORGOTTEN CLIFF | Knights and Brides

January 4, 2024


Nobody on the Forgotten Cliff got any presents for Christmas! Hurry there to uncover the mystery behind the missing gifts for the residents!

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until January 10, 23:59 PST.


• Get a Coin of Winter for the quests.

• Visit Mystery Mazes on Monday.


Explore the Twilight Garden after completing the quests on the Forgotten Cliff!

Changes: no dungeons, new colors of the rewards.


You got the mail! Find the Frozen Bud there. Travel to the Forgotten Cliff to get Snowy Seeds.

First, you need to deal with the Watchmen. Then, open the gate to the next area and get some Festive Magic from Feyerite. 

Find Gifts in a Snow Stash, and give them to the locals. Move to the next part.

Pick Winterblooms from Snowflowers. Use them to make the Ice Potion. It’s needed to get Ancient Spells from Magical Baubles.

Remove the magical protection from the Entrance to the Lair.

The door to the bandits’ lair still won’t open! Defeat the Bandits in the next part of the adventure, and charge the Heat Generators. Place them near the Entrance to the Lair to melt the ice.

Capture Frost Power, and take the Ice Ring. Return to the entrance, and disable the Invisible Shield created by the firecrackers. 

Clear the snow off the Puzzle Fragments. Assemble the Puzzle Fragments, and ask Cadet Candy to check the solution. Click on the puzzle to choose the correct solution, then ask Cadet Candy to check it again.

Use the Secret Code on the Code Lock. Finally, you can go to the Dark Lair! Find the culprit, and take your reward home.

Continue completing the Adventurer Coin tasks to redesign the Dark Lair and keep bandits away from it. In return, you’ll get Snowy Seeds needed to upgrade the Frozen Bud.

Ice Gazebo. It’s a real piece of art! Get it after completing the quests.

Ice Gazebo | Knights and Brides

Frozen Bud. A gorgeous flower that will bring you gifts if you care for it. Get it from the mail, and upgrade it with Snowy Seeds given for completing the Adventurer Coin tasks in the Dark Lair.

Frozen Bud | Knights and Brides