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Knights and Brides

August 17, 2023


🛒 18 – 19 August – Buy Rubies and get + 250% FREE 🔥

Dessertville has been really quiet recently… What’s going on there, and will the citizens of this land send a birthday present to the Supreme Magicians?

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until August 23, 23:59 PDT.


•  Last chance to complete Adventurer Coin tasks!

•  Complete the quests to get a Coin of Summer. 

•  Enter the game every day to get special birthday gifts and catch balloons!


Dream Shop opens up again! Visit the land after completing the quests in Dessertville.

❗️ Changes: different colors of the rewards, sulfur added to geology.


Read the update mail and place the Fragrant Coffee on your land. Complete all tasks in Dessertville to get the Invigorating Coin to upgrade it!

Sweety is waiting for your help in collecting ingredients for his Extra Yummy Waffles! In Dessertville, you’ll find Festive Magic in Balloons. It’s needed to explore the land!


The first ingredient of the Extra Yummy Waffles is Wonder Wheat. Get it and give it to Sweety.


Go through the gate. Shake the trees using Festive Magic and catch the Squirrels. Get Sweet Nuts from Choco and give them to Sweety.


Open the Gate with Festive Magic. Get some Sugar from Sugar Trees and ask Frosty to make some Sweet Syrup. Give it to the Northern Bears in exchange for Sweet Ice Cubes.

Get back to Sweety to give him the ingredient.


Get some Fragrant Powder from Soft Trees. Mixy will make Baits for you.

Put the Bait next to a Magic Cow that had transformed into a strange object. Click on the object to check.

Get milk from all the cows and make Whipped Cream in the Mixer 3000.


Defeat the Water Spirits using the Enchanted Fire. It’s made from Fire and Festive Magic by Frosty.

Repair the Water Pumps. Get three Growth Boosters from Florence and grow Big Cherries.

Take the Big Cherries and give them to Sweety.

Now, take the Wonderful Ice Cream home! Continue completing extra tasks to get the coin to upgrade the Fragrant Coffee. 

Take a look at those sweet yummy rewards! 😋❤️

1. Fragrant Coffee will definitely charge you up! Complete all additional tasks to get the Invigorating Coin. 🥰

Fragrant Coffee | DESSERTVILLE | Knights and Brides

2. Wonderful Ice Cream is clickable decoration given for completing the quests.

Wonderful Ice Cream | DESSERTVILLE | Knights and Brides

By the way, there are some secrets in this land! Check the pile of presents on the first area and a lonely skeleton further in the land. 😉🎁