CELEBRATION PALACE | Knights and Brides

December 28, 2023


🛒 29 – 31 December – Buy Rubies and get + 350% FREE 🔥

King Victor is set on organizing a great holiday for the Kingdom’s residents, all by himself. On this occasion, even the King’s mother will grace us with a visit!

⏰ This is a temporary adventure, available until January 3, 23:59 PST.


• There are 5 Tree Baubles in this land and only 1 angel-shaped bauble.

• Get a Coin of Winter for the quests.


Silverdale opens the gates once again! Visit the land after completing the tasks in the Celebration Palace.

Changes: no gift from the mail, new main reward, new clearing rewards, only 4 dungeons.


Read the mail about the update and place the Snow Palace on your land. Travel to the Celebration Palace to get New Year’s Coins!

Gather some Holiday Mood to cheer up the sullen locals.

🔍 Closing Time Rifts in the Celebration Palace will help you repair the Broken Clock and get some useful resources!

Compose the New Year’s Lullaby at the Music Stand. Lull the Dust Monsters to sleep and fold the Royal Clothes.

Get Spy Bugs from the Elf Spies. Plant the Spy Bugs on the members of the court to learn what they want to get.

Unpack the Gift Boxes. Give the right presents to the right members of the court.

Create the New Year’s Taste in the Festive Cart. Use it to get rid of the North Wind and retrieve Mom’s Recipes. Serve the Festive Tables!

Collect some Frost Essence from Frost Crystals. Create the New Year’s Inspiration in the Winter Kiosk. Use it to remove the covers from the Theater Parts. Then, assemble the Festive Theater and ask King Victor to check the result!

Defeat the Mudmen, and put the Souvenir Ornaments into the Bureau of Memories. Take it home! Now you should have 1 angel-shaped bauble for the New Year Tree!

Go into the Winter Garden and complete Adventurer Coin tasks there. You’ll get 2 Tree Baubles and New Year’s Coins to upgrade the Snow Palace!

Clear the Winter Garden to get 2 more baubles! If you have some baubles left after fully upgrading the New Year Tree, you can exchange them for energy drinks in the Workshop.

Bureau of Memories. Upgrade it with the Souvenir Ornaments given for completing the quests! It generates gifts every 24 hours, 10 times in total.

Bureau of Memories. | Knights and Brides

Snow Palace. Beautiful snow globe! Upgrade it with New Year’s Coins that are given for completing Adventurer Coin tasks in the Winter Garden. ❄️☃️

Snow Palace | Knights and Brides

Repeat land – SILVERDALE. Hidden Dragon – this clickable decoration is given for completing quests in Silverdale.

Hidden Dragon | Knights and Brides