Autumn Tournament | Knights and Brides |

October 5, 2023

⚔️ Autumn Tournament ⚔️

🛒 6 – 7 October – Buy Rubies and get + 250% FREE 🔥

It’s getting colder, which means the entire Kingdom should start getting ready for winter. The King and Queen declare the Autumn Tournament open!

⏰ This temporary clan adventure is available until October 18, 23:59 PDT.

The items in your shop are now based on the league of your clan in Clan City’s rating. Items from the lower leagues are available as well. For example, if your clan is in the Gold league, you can buy items from the Bronze, Silver, and Gold leagues.

Meet the King and the Queen at the tournament! What have they prepared for you? Let’s go find out!

Collect Ancient Wood from Ancient Trees. Stack it at the Sawmill. Repair the Houses.

Make a Royal Hoe. Harvest Carrots and Cabbage. Fill the Royal Barn with vegetables.

Gather some Heavenly Fluff from Soft Clouds. Pilot needs it to make Tailwind so you can fill the Windsocks. Put the hats on the Migratory Geese. Put the geese back in the wedge in the correct order.

Get Magic Ether. Ask Business Witch to make the Essence of Knowledge. Translate the Ancient Tomes. Prepare Witch’s Ingredients and fill the Pickling Jars.

Go to the Royal Library. Get Enchanted Wax from Old Candles. Ask the Queen to make some Sense of Beauty. Use it to catch all Phoenix Feathers. Light the Fireplaces with Safe Flame. Choose Armchairs for the Royal Library.
Now you can take the reward home! Complete the Field Assignments to get the Autumn Diorama.

Take part in different activities on the land, explore the Queen’s Mazes to get more Maple Leaves, and exchange them for Autumn Banners!

🔍 In Clan City, you can find more clan points for the rating at the Autumn Tournament. You can get them in the portals for removing trees and bushes, or for completing the Merchant’s tasks. At the Autumn Tournament, there are chests with Honor points on the main part of the land, in the Royal Library and the Queen’s Mazes.

This gorgeous shiny chest generates gifts every 24 hours, 10 times in total! You’ll get it for completing the quests. 😉

Autumn Tournament | Knights and Brides

Complete the Field Assignments to get the Autumn Diorama! it will look great next to the rewards from the previous temporary clan land. 😃😘

Autumn Diorama | Knights and Brides