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Klondike: The Lost Expedition

August 9, 2023

William Bierce Adventures

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Get ready for an epic conclusion! The thrilling last part of William Bierce’s adventures begins tomorrow! 🤩

If you haven’t joined the journey yet, now is the perfect time! Explore each chapter for incredible rewards, with even more prizes for completing the whole story within 30 days. By the way, you can see one of the final rewards in the picture. 😉

⏳ The countdown to completing all three chapters starts when you first decide to visit Judgestone, the first story land.
For those who aren’t ready to join William Bierce in his quest for ancient treasures, we invite you to take a stroll through Middleville’s mini-lands! 🌄

Middleville walk
Adventure awaits! Collect all the Sewing Kits in 10 locations and build a Designer Sculpture at your home station. The higher the stage of construction, the more cool prizes you will get!

Nameless Island
The tome copy took Clifford’s ship to Nameless Island. We went ashore and almost immediately met Miss Moore, Mr. Show, and Mr. Ford! The three of them stayed to guard the shore with Clifford. I went ahead and met Mortimer, Chatty Marcus, and Baby Bill, but none of them was a big threat. Yet, Sir Trickius managed to lock me up in the vault. Luckily, I found a way out and stopped the villain! Miss Moore, Mr. Ford, Mr. Show, and I became the keepers of the island’s secret. There will be only a report on the recent bandit rampage in Judgestone in the newspaper.

❓ What location will you visit first? Tell us in the comments! 🙂

William Bierce Adventures