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Klondike: The Lost Expedition

August 17, 2023


🛒 18 – 20 August – Buy Emeralds and get +350% FREE 🔥

Head to the Science Fair and help Professor save the science festival!

Science Fair is a temporary festive location next to your home station, the first part of a two-part event.
⏳ It will close on August 30, 23:59 PDT whether you have made your first trip or not.

❗️❗️ Please follow the quests, they will guide you.

This land has 2 levels: Science Fair and Another Dimension.
Each level has 1 major goal:
– Open all Vizor Chests.
– Find and examine all Chess Kits.

Accept the new festive building: Festive Area.
Collect Toolboxes and upgrade the building. The more Toolboxes you collect, the more fantastic gifts you’ll get!

You can get TWO festive buildings: one from the instruction and one for clearing 70% of the first level.
💡 You can build only ONE festive building now. More Toolboxes will be available in the second part of the event.

There’s a Trader at Science Fair. He will gladly swap Soda for useful items. You can get Soda from 3 Soda Machines in the location!

A PURPLE Soda Machine is a roulette!

Another Dimension:
The Chess board will become a roulette after completing the storyline.

20% – an animated VOLCANO decoration!
50% – Helicopter multibox!
70% – another festive building
100% – a Carnivorous Mushroom that will turn your small energy snacks into pure 100 ENERGY! ⚡️ Leaves an animated decoration.

♟ Another Dimension:
20% – Chess Topiary decoration x2
50% – Chess Fountain multibox!
70% – Decorative Chess with energy snack crafts inside! 🤩 Leaves a decoration
100% – Chess World Mockup ROULETTE!

Here are the links to the complete walkthrough of the new land, Science Fair & Another Dimension: (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)

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