SAVING GRANTHILL | Klondike: The Lost Expedition

November 30, 2023


A new story adventure is here! Set out to South Granthill and help Zeke Asher gather a filmmaking dream team!

This adventure has three parts: South Granthill, Asher’s Studio, and Cinema.

Let’s learn more about this type of expedition:

🔹 The story adventure will be available for 30 days after you first visit it. So you can start this adventure when you’re ready for it.

🔹 You can’t use your partner’s help in story locations.

🔹 Your home storage is available in all story locations, and you don’t need to transport the valuables you collect, they go directly to your storage.

🔹 Only one story adventure can be open at a time. That is, if you have traveled to Bierce’s location and the countdown has started, you will not be able to start the Saving Granthill adventure until you have completed all the quests in Bierce’s adventure.

If you haven’t started Bierce’s adventure yet, you can choose which story adventure you want to start first.

Now, let’s move on to the locations 👇


This is the first part of the three-part story adventure.

This land has 3 levels: South Granthill, Farm of the Future, and Sam’s Ranch.

❗️ The road SIGN in South Granthill will bring you to the Farm of the Future location.

❗️ You can get to the Sam’s Ranch via the Cart in South Granthill. Please note this area has no quests, it’s not a part of the questline.

💡 Each level has 1 major goal:

– Collect all Green Clay for the Props Master. He will swap green clay for ordinary clay, 12 times in total.

– Fix the Sprinklers.

– Help old Sam restore the Farm House.

Use the MOVE tool and the ROTATE tools to place the wires correctly and fix the Farm with the House Materials.

After the farm is restored, you can use Iron ore in the Solar Panels near the farm to get pure energy.


✨ Clean 50% of the 1st level of the location and get mannequins DECORATIONS.

Clean 75% and win the PUPPET THEATER multibox.

For 100% of the 1st level, you’ll receive the PLAYGROUND with crafts inside.

✨ Clean 75% of the 2nd level and get a FLYING COW multibox.

For 100% of the 2nd level, you’ll receive the CHICKEN BARBERSHOP with crafts inside.

✨ Clean 100% of the 3rd level and win the FARM HOUSE with crafts.


This is the second part of the three-part story adventure.

This land has 2 levels: Asher’s Studio and Studio Stage.

💡 Each level has 1 major goal:

– Open the Warehouse Gates.

– Collect The Martian Noon Posters and give them to Eric Show.


✨ Complete the penultimate storyline quest and get an item to improve your ANCIENT TOTEM!

✨ Complete all the quests in Asher’s Studio and get the lovely FLOWERBED with crafts inside.

✨ Complete the Studio Stage quests and win the MINIATURE SET multibox.

✨ Clear 100% of Asher’s Studio and get a magnificent BLUE POND with crafts.

✨ Clear 100% of the Studio Stage and receive the HOTHOUSE with crafts.


This is the last part of the three-part story adventure.

It has 2 levels: Cinema and Martian Noon.

💡 Each level has 1 major goal:

– Treat the Audience to Popcorn. Popcorn can be made in the Popcorn Cart.

– Stock up on Martian Fuel. You’ll need to craft 15 units of Martian Fuel.


Complete the story adventure in 30 days and get:

✨ Another item to improve your ANCIENT TOTEM!

✨ Director’s Roulette.

✨ x2 Roulette Manager Engines.

✨ Director’s Stagecoach (new sled design)

✨ Granthill HOTEL! It can house 30 workers for 3 days, who will work as effectively as 120 people.

✨ 30 Emeralds.