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Klondike: The Lost Expedition

August 31, 2023


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Go to Pettown and help Edmund complete all the orders of the detective agency! And check out the new look of the character dialogs! 🤩

⌛ Pettown is a temporary location that will close on September 13, 23:59 PDT.

It has 2 levels: Pettown and Secluded Cave.

💡 Pettown has 2 major goals:
▪️ Build all Village Workshops. Once built, you can make some energy snacks there!
▪️ Collect all Fluttering Butterflies and give them to Albert.

📜 Secluded Cave has no quests, only TASKS:
▪️ Collect Scrap.
▪️ Find Albert’s cow, Daisy.
▪️ Find the hermit’s lab.
▪️ Inspect the Dinosaur Skeleton.

Accept the new special building: Curious Kittens!
You can get two special building: one from the instruction and one for clearing 60% of Pettown.

You’ll need Balls of Yarn to attract the kitten’s attention that can be found in the location. The more Balls of Yarn you find, the more gifts you’ll get!

❗️ You will NOT be able to complete the second building in this update. Wait for the second festive location to be released.

This quest has 4 tasks in different areas. You can complete them in any order you like. All the materials to complete the tasks are found in the location.

There’s a Wooden Gate in Pettown. You’ll need a key to open it, which you can get by completing The True Detectives quest.

Build the Dog Club and Family Hotel in Pettown! Once built, you can craft some useful items there.

You’ll also get another Dog Club for your home station after you build it in the location. Collect Toy Sets for completing missions in Pettown to upgrade it. The more Toy Sets you collect, the more gifts you’ll get!

There’re 3 SODA MACHINES in the location with roulettes inside.
2 of them will turn into roulettes when you restore them for 5 Wire.

Complete the storyline and get a NEW SLED DESIGN!

Complete all TASKS in Secluded Cave and get a FAMILY HOTEL! It can  house 20 workers for 3 days that will work as effectively as 80 people.

Clearing rewards:
🐾 Pettown:
40% – more Toy Sets to build the Dog Club on your home station.
60% – another CURIOUS KITTENS special building!
80% – a gift box with useful items and dynamite
100% – a gift box with useful items, including Roullete Manager Engine, dynamites, and Toy Sets!

⛰ Secluded Cave:
Clear 100% of the land and get Roulette Manager Engines, dynamite, and other useful stuff!

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