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Klondike: The Lost Expedition

August 24, 2023


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The portals brought us some unexpected guests from other worlds! Let’s make friends with them and help them get back home! 🤩

In this land, you’ll meet a few characters from other VIZOR’s games: Pierre and Mi’ara from Atlantis Odyssey; Cream Cat, dragon Azalea, and a dwarf from Knights & Brides; a bunch of zombies from Zombie Island & Zombie Castaways.

And one of the devs is also there, stuck in the game world! 😄

The Park of Inventors is a temporary festive location next to your home station, the second part of a two-part event.
⏳ All Vizor b-day lands will close on August 30, 23:59 PDT.

This location has 1 level and 1 major goal:

– Insert the Bogus Brains in all Zombie Hands.

Now let’s see what you can win in the Park of Inventors👇


GIFT FROM THE MAGICIANS, a festive cake multibox that gives rewards every 24 hours, 10 times in total, and leaves a decoration.


20% – gift box full of useful items.
50% – DRAGON CANDLESTICK multibox. After you collect from it 10 times, it will leave a rotatable decoration that changes color. 
70% – FESTIVE AREA special building.
100% – TREE WITH KOALAS that bring gifts & a GREEN GLADE PORTAL. It will send you to the Green Glade, a land full of resources and gifts, within seven days after its activation.

❤️ And let us know in the comments what character from VIZOR’s games you’d like to meet in real life! 

Dear Klondikers,
Here are the links to the complete walkthrough of the new land, Park of Inventors:
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Park of Inventors | Part 2
Park of Inventors | Part 3
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