NAJA PEAK | Klondike: The Lost Expedition

December 21, 2023


🛒 22 – 23 December – Buy Emeralds and get +250% FREE 🔥

Travel to the Naja Peak and research Inuit New Year customs!

⌛ Naja Peak is a temporary location near your home station that will close on January 3, 23:59 PST.

This land has 2 levels: Naja Peak and Hiking Trail.

💡 Each level has 1 major goal:

– Treat the animals to Dolly Varden. 

❗️❗️ You’ll need to feed each animal 3 times to complete this goal.

You can get Dolly Warden from Fish Barrels generated around 2 Igloos at the Naja Peak.

– Collect Boxes with Provision.

📜 Hiking Tail has TASKS:

– Examine the Forest Totems.

– Restore all Inuksuit.

– Free the Seals in the Nets.

– Light Fire Pits.


There will be more boxes with Festive Surprises in the location, they are needed to complete the Christmas Sleigh festive buildings.

You will get another festive building for 70% clearing of Naja Peak.


You’ll need to divide the Inuit into teams according to the season they were born and give Osha the Sturdy Pore to start the competition.

Talk to 6 Inuits at the Naja Peak and try to guess when they were born: summer or winter. Once you have guessed correctly, move them to the highlighted areas near Osha so that the winter-born team is on the left and the summer-born team is on the right.

💡 You can make Sturdy Rope in the Workshop at the Naja Peak. You’ll need Sturdy Twines found in the location.


Help Osha get her first tattoos! Find Ink and Needle and give them to her.

Ink is made in the Workshop from Fat and Coal. Feed  Hungry Deer with Cranberries found in the location to get Fat.

Needle is bought from the Trader for 70 Dolly Warden.


Trader at the Naja Peak will gladly swap your Dolly Warden for useful items!

You can find Dolly Varden in the Fish Barrels generated around 2 Igloos in the location. First you’ll need to build each Igloo for 20 Water and 30 Ice.


For completing the second quest, you’ll receive a wonderful ICE HUNTER statue with useful crafts inside. You can carve it with special SCULPTOR’S KITS found in the location and in some of the clearing rewards. 

The Ice Hunter crafts include energy snacks, Chocolate, silver & bronze buffs, and some other useful resources. The more stages you complete, the more rewards you’ll get!


✨ There’re 6 Gift Boxes with roulettes in the location (3 Gift Boxes on each level).

✨ The Pen at the Naja Peak has a roulette inside.

✨ The Wolf Totem on the Hiking Trail is a roulette.


Complete the 2nd quest at the Naja Peak and get the Ice Hunter with crafts for your home station!

✨ Naja Peak

20% – Gift box with useful items!

50% – Roulette Engine and MULTIBOX!

70% – another Christmas Sleigh festive building.

100% – Kigatilik ROULETTE and х60 Sculptor’s Kits (needed to build the Ice Hunter)

✨ Hiking Trail

20% & 50% – Gift boxes with useful items!

70% – MULTIBOX + х30 Sculptor’s Kits

100% – a LYNX that gives rewards for 20 Fish, 5 times, and leaves an animated decoration + х30 Sculptor’s Kits

Oh, and check out SANTA’S new assortment on your home station! 🎅 There’s a Moon Guardian, a Tea Shop, a Botanical Garden and more!