Klondike: The Lost Expedition

July 20, 2023


🛒 21 – 23 July – Buy Emeralds and get +350% FREE 🔥

The second part of William Bierce’s Story Adventures is here! 🤩

⌛ Judgestone Outskirts, the second land, is available after completing all the story quests in Judgestone. You can access it through the map icon on the left side of the screen, below the gifts.

The third story location will appear on August 10.

❗ Judgestone will not close if you go to Judgestone Outskirts, you can access it at any time before the timer expires.

❗ You can’t use your partner’s help in story locations!

❗ Your home storage is available in all story locations, and you don’t need to transport the valuables you collect, they go directly to your storage.

Please follow the QUESTS, they will guide you.

🏕️ The location has 3 levels: Judgestone Outskirts, Mouse’s Warehouse & Mouse’s Lair.

Each level has one major goal:

▪️ Find and inspect all Suspicious Bags.

▪️ Turn on all Clockwork Mice.

▪️ Turn on all Mechanical Lamps.

📜 has TASKS:

▪️ Build a Bakery. Once built, it will turn into a ROULETTE! 🤩 You can spin it every 23 hours.

▪️ Build Cozy Houses. There are 3 Cozy Houses in the location.

▪️ Provide the Locals with financial aid. 6 Locals are generated from Cozy Houses in the location (see previous task). Give each local 45 Coins to complete the task.

▪️ Fix the Irrigation Systems. 

▪️ Remove Dry Driftwood.


Judgestone Outskirts

Clear 100% of the location and get an adorable PIGGY! 🐷 It gives useful resources for beans.

Mouse’s Warehouse

70% – Lady Mouse’s LOUDSPEAKER multibox with useful resources!

100% – COZY CAFE with crafts such as gold buffs, dynamite sticks, and some other useful stuff.

Mouse’s Lair

Clear 100% of the land and get a Cat on the Tree ROULETTE! 😻 You can spin it every 23 hours.

Enjoy the new adventure, Klondikers!