FAQ SLEDS | Klondike | Mygameset

September 24, 2023


Have you ever had an issue with your sled? 👇Here👇 you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

▪️ If you get stuck in an expedition with no food for your sled animals, you can still return home. Not to lose all your cargo, unload all the treasures you have to the storage of the location before going back.

▪️ To unload your sled in an expedition location, you need to find the main building of this land. In almost all locations released now, storage is available from the very start, but in some older permanent lands you’ll have not only to find but also build it.

▪️ You can’t load Fire to your sled. If it’s needed in an expedition location, it can always be crafted right there, in its main building.

▪️ Always check temporary locations for transportable objects 😉 You can find a decoration that can be put into your sled and transported to your station (if the capacity of your sled allows it.)

▪️ To apply sled upgrades (falling backs, oil, etc), install them into a slot in the Team tab. Putting upgrades to your Cargo won’t do the job.

▪️ Temporary sled upgrades work for a certain number of days. These are game travel days, not real life days.

▪️ If you have special “skins” for your transport, you can change styles by clicking the Palette icon in the Team tab.

❓ Klondikers, how many sled styles do you have? Any suggestions on new ones? 😉